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SP1 RC1 error 80070002


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Hello, I have a problem installing SP1 on my vlited Vista x64. This a part of cbs.log file:

2007-12-15 02:43:21, Error Failed to find the CixTarget for Container amd64_microsoft-windows-speech userexperience_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.17052_none_77f4934f0450b5b4\speech off.wav.

If I understand it corectly the reason for the SP1 installation error is lack of speech feature which i riped out of the ISO? Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Even in XP it would be electronic suicide to install SP over modified Windows. It might work but many things would be broken.

For Vista it doesn't even want to install since it blindly goes and forces updates, ask MS to adapt (they should just skip missing components and not treat whole SP like one component), I have no control over the update process.

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