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unattended windows xp installation problem

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i made a windows xp unattended cd with my specified additional programs and its working soo fine .

but i had only one problem which is ...

he asks me in the first of installation about which partition do u want to install the windows .

so i don't want this warning to be appeared .

by the way i manipulate the winnt.sif autopartition=1 . but still ask me for wht partition .

another thing .. i had only one drive which is C

also i had a preinstalled windows xp on that drive

so is there any silent option to delete the c: partition and install a fresh one without asking me

thnx in advance

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There you go





MsDosInitiated= No








OemPreinstall= Yes

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thnx guys sooo sooo much .

but i have another only one question .

if i had 2 partitions C & D

and C partition contains a preinstalled windows xp

and D partition contains some data ( movies and mp3s etc ..)

so what will happen then ?

will the unattended cd remove the preinstalled one and install a fresh copy or install the windows on D partition ?

thnx guyz again so much for ur attention

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I wish MS was a bit more flexible regarding setting up disks, but unfortunally that's not possible. At least, not without using 3rd party tools. At work I use Altiris and Radia, and let them handle the partitioning part.

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thnx Arie

but finaly i got confused .

i am using RunOnceEx.cmd method to make the unattended windows xp cd with winnnt.sif manipulation .

i have 3 partitions C & D & E , and i have a preinstalled windows xp on C partition

so i want the unattended cd to delete only C partition and leave the rest . then keep installing a fresh copy of windows on The C partition , so i want any method any method to do this

plzzzzzz help me in this issue guyz .

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