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  1. oki , i will make a diagram for that issue to illustrate it clearly thnx for your attention
  2. i want to do the following : i will give an example to make the issue clear i have a network consists of 5 computers A , B , C , D , E i have a folder named ( Movies ) simply i can share it over the network i want to share this folder to be visible for computers A , B , C and invisible from D , E also i want to specify the permissions for the visible computers as : i want computer B to modify the folder and computer C to Read the folder only all the computers on the same network and the same workgroup btw. thnx in advance
  3. i have a network consists of 7 computers ( wired network ) but one of these 7 computers is a Toshiba laptob which has WI-FI . i want to make a bridge between my DELL laptob through wireless and the wired network and the bridge pc will be the toshiba laptob which is directly connected the wired network through switch. so i made the following i went to the wirless network connection in the toshiba and click properties and advanced then choosed computer to computer ( ad hoc ) . then i went to the DELL and made create ad hoc network and i named the network ( nassar ) . afterwards i highlighted on local area connection with wireless connection together . and right click on local area connection and make a bridge connection . so NOW : everything is ok the bridge network appeared and connected too and i connected each of 2 laptobs dell and toshiba through the network name ( nassar ) and each one is connected . so how can i transfer files between the wired network and the DELL soo sorry for wasting ur time but i would like to figure this out in details. thnx in advance
  4. are these words mean that no way to do this manually ? !! thnx for ur attention .
  5. thnx Arie but finaly i got confused . i am using RunOnceEx.cmd method to make the unattended windows xp cd with winnnt.sif manipulation . i have 3 partitions C & D & E , and i have a preinstalled windows xp on C partition so i want the unattended cd to delete only C partition and leave the rest . then keep installing a fresh copy of windows on The C partition , so i want any method any method to do this plzzzzzz help me in this issue guyz .
  6. plz.. tell me more about Altiris and Radia . anyways i want any method that let me delete only partition C and leave the rest then install a fesh copy . plz tell me any way that can do this . thnx so much for ur attention
  7. ooh s*** . so is there any way to delete only the partition C and leave the remaining partitions and keep installing a fresh copy on the C partition after deleting it .
  8. what is the jetaudio 7 plus switch ? i tried /S but it's not working . plz help me thnx in advance
  9. thnx guys sooo sooo much . but i have another only one question . if i had 2 partitions C & D and C partition contains a preinstalled windows xp and D partition contains some data ( movies and mp3s etc ..) so what will happen then ? will the unattended cd remove the preinstalled one and install a fresh copy or install the windows on D partition ? thnx guyz again so much for ur attention
  10. i made a windows xp unattended cd with my specified additional programs and its working soo fine . but i had only one problem which is ... he asks me in the first of installation about which partition do u want to install the windows . so i don't want this warning to be appeared . by the way i manipulate the winnt.sif autopartition=1 . but still ask me for wht partition . another thing .. i had only one drive which is C also i had a preinstalled windows xp on that drive so is there any silent option to delete the c: partition and install a fresh one without asking me thnx in advance

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