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I ve just made NetFramework 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 3.5 svcpack.inf installer

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what i did?

just old net framework 2.0 trick and it works.



start /wait DNF11.exe /q:a /c:"install /l /q"

start /wait dotNetFx35setup.exe /qb /norestart




Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Net 1.1 instalation was prepared as described here:


Net 3.5 simply extracted with eg. winrar, you can remove all x64 bit files if you need x86 install or vice versa.

Recompressed it with nLite Add-On Maker, running .bat file.

Works fine.

download it here:


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This cant work with svcpack. It will install fine but it will also break WebClient service. Installation of this was never problem, problem was WebClient service. If you can confirm that this service works after svcpack installation then you done a good job.

Cheers ;)

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You can check if it installed in Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. And WebClient is service in Windows, which will stop to work if .NET Framework 3.0 is installed via svcpack. When this service is broken it cause that after logon Windows is unresponsive about 5-10 minutes. You can check if service is working by clicking on Start-Run and type "services.msc".

Cheers ;)

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i have tried to do the same once and what happened to me was that it would run xp with classic theme and some other services not working, internet explorer would never run, so i just put the frameworks to run witn gui runonce on first login and wmp11

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ic. Well I don't use the WebClient svc anyway, I've found it's disabled. otoh, yeh, 3.5 wasn't installed properly, and from what I see if it's an addin then it's installing via svcpack right? which means we can only slipstream up to .net 2.0 so far?

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