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  1. i have tried to do the same once and what happened to me was that it would run xp with classic theme and some other services not working, internet explorer would never run, so i just put the frameworks to run witn gui runonce on first login and wmp11
  2. hi all, I have a lil question about the oem activation files. I read some posts about them and before trying to do something "new" myself maybe someone did it already. My idea came from taking a look at the windows vista installation, it ask for the cd key at the begining then it selects the right version depending on the cd key (win PE? don't know). Well what I want to do is something similar, but with Windows XP Professional, to be able to put the cd key when the computer boots then it can somehow check the oem files i have in the cd and jump into the right version of windows, but in this case won't be a version, but a different oem install. Example: 1. Boot the computer with CD on 2. Ask for cd key 3. check cd key against different oem activation files and point to Dell installation folder to read the setupldr.bin on a multiboot cd, or setupldr.bin on a folder that has the Compaq or IBM installation, or just to make it simple have one installation of windows xp on the cd and just replace the oem files for the Dell, IBM, etc and then jump into the text mode of installation. I don't know if it would be possible or not, if there is a way to check the cd key against the oem preactivated files?? thank you.
  3. My first post here I think I found a clean way arround this. My method is using StartX replaceable parameters @EXEDRV@ which gets replaced with the drive letter path where StartX is run from. The other variable is @EXEDIR@ which is the fully qualified folder where StartX is run from. @QUOTE@ which puts a Quote character i.e. " into the string when the program is called. For example: I use: StartX.exe /WAIT "@EXEDIR@\setup.exe --mode=silent --deploymentFile=@EXEDIR@\install.xml" Now I have read in some posts that some ppl get errors while running commands, because they just past their path before the command that is about to run. Some cases no probles cause the path doesn't have spaces. If They have spaces have to use " " Using StartX it should look something like this (hope I got it right haven't test this one yet): StartX.exe /WAIT "@QUOTE@@EXEDIR@\setup.exe@QUOTE@ --mode=silent --deploymentFile=@QUOTE@@EXEDIR@\install.xml@QUOTE@" Now lets see how it should look if you do your own 7zip switchless installer for Photoshop CS3 the config.txt should look something like this: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"@QUOTE@@EXEDIR@\setup.exe@QUOTE@ --mode=silent --deploymentFile=@QUOTE@@EXEDIR@\install.xml@QUOTE@\"" ;!@InstallEnd@! sorry about the speel and thanks kenlau for making it so easy, took me like 2 days to find a way to install it till I saw your post. Oh and for activation, I use my original key but since I install photoshop cs3 to all my computers I dont want to waste time activating all of them so I just hax the Photoshop.exe to never ask me for activation

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