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Wifi Networking Problem


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Hi all.

I have a DI-624 wireless router connected to my desktop. I have two issues that I could use some help with:

1) every once in a while my ping just goes sky high (usually is around 60 but goes as high as 300-700during problem). Rebooting the router fixes the problem. Any ideas what might be causing it?

2) I can usually connect fine with my laptop. Sometimes (maybe every other time I connect) at some point in my working, my connectivity goes away and I get the "limited or no connectivity" error, even through the signal shows as excellent. Turning the wireless on my laptop off/on fixes the problem as does using the 'repair' button. Seem to have the same problem on two different laptops (Dell and HP).

Any thoughts?



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I haven't tried that yet but I'll give it a go. Signal strength seems good the whole time though, even when I get the 'limited or no connectivity' message.

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware last night as geek suggested.

Thanks for the advise!


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