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creating Vista Ultimate boot dvd (solved)


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Hi phkninja, do you know what - as you say that, I am wondering myself if I have over stretched that hard drive. I don't think that is the case because I have a 250 GB hard drive for Windows and I only divided it up into 2 partitions. I will check later today when my girlfriend is about.

Thanks for the suggestion! Wouldn't be the first time one has made that mistake!!

bookie32 :rolleyes:

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That was my next port of call after the space requirement.

As mercury said check you are in admin mode before trying to create the image, as you know from Linux if you dont have the right permissions you cant do anything. The same is also true for Vista, MS has made it d**n impossible to do anything without logging into the admin account on vista.

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Hi guys, thanks for the info! I have been a little busy of late - but promise to update you as soon as I get the time to read about how one works as administrator in Vista.

I don't want to run the risk of locking myself out - that's if I want to live that is!!

Be in touch soon!

bookie32 :thumbup

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Just Right click on Vista.bat and select Run as Administrator ! :P (= sudo B) )

Or to enable the built-in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT right click on computer select "manage" then select "Local Users and Groups" then "Users" double click "Administrator" or right click on it and select "Properties" then uncheck "Account is disabled" :angel

And now you can log off and log in as "built-in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT" (= root :rolleyes: )

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Hi again, sorry to take so long to get back to you.!! Been a little out of it the last couple of days.

Thanks for the info on becoming Administrator. I really was going to read up about it!! Didn't expect you to tell me that as well.

Very grateful!

Well, I am glad to say that a bootable Dvd was created and it works! :thumbup

I am very impressed with the service here at msfn :rolleyes:

I would like a little advice on reading matter on Vista, XP etc. I would really like to get into this from the ground level and work my way up. Not saying I will ever get to knowing what you guys do - but I can familiarize myself a little more!

I would like to understand the WAIK tool a little better. Perhaps you know of good reading material on that as well? Tried to follow the general instructions and got a bit lost. Are there online books etc?

I can't promise that I will be here often, but I know I will have some questions from time to time.

Thinking of which - can you make a boot copy of XP in the same way as Vista?

Here's a funny thing! I was copying the iso image to another computer with Winscp and all of a sudden it hung itself?! Never done that before. Thanks to the reminder from phkninja about having enough space - I checked my work computer (play computer) and you've guessed it - not enough room! :whistle:

I cleared a little space and restarted Winscp - which resumed transfer!

Thanks again for all your help!

Think I'm going to enjoy it here :thumbup


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