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Serious problem


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I have a strange problem.

If i try to delete any file or folder from my HDD i automatically get message Windows Explorer must close sorry for the incoveniance.

I ran my antivirus (nod32) and scanned whole computer but no viruses were found.

I just don't have any idea what this could be.........

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Believe me it's not strange. I had similar problems with Windows Explorer. Your problem probably caused some program you installed. You need to isolate which one. If problem appeared recently try to use system restore. Also, scan for spyware using ad-aware or Spybot and clean your registry and internet junk using ccleaner.

Cheers ;)

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I have tried to cleanup with Ccleaner, but no success. About System Restore (don't have it turned on).

I tried with PROCESS MONITOR program but i need help im not familiar with this program and i need some guidance please.


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The shellEx program worked :D :D :D

I remember now i uninstalled ALPHAZIP program and it caused problems because it could not be run in context menu.

THNX Adamt if you would live in Slovenia i would buy you cuple of beers.

Thnx again


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