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[stupid question] number: 10.439.783-26 ..[/stupid question]

[stupid answer] there wont be another release, you just made him so p***ed that he stoped development,

- and who can blame him,

- cuz really - what man can stand so many stupid questions...

nyways thanks for a verry enlightening addition to this tread [/stupid answer]

disclaimer: this comment is soly meant as a way to express my personal displeasure caused by people that take no effort in being patient, reading faqs other otherwise being polite.

it is in no way representing the author's, or any other person's than my own, opinion, and though a flamebait was intended, i do not encourage that it shall be delt with in this tread.

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wow, it was just a question no need to take it personally. I was just wondering when it was expected so i can prepare my comp for a reinstall and get my computer reinstalled while i have a chance before i go into the army.... Jeez

wasnt expecting anything specific just something like 1-2 weeks....

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