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[Release] Energize 2.0 Beta 2 : Back and better!


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I installed it and when I try to run calc.exe I get an error. See attachment. Hope it helps.

Tested on 2 pcs.

Bug known due to KB925902 update (Google it for more details).

No solution as far as I know, sorry.

My solution : uninstall Energize, uninstall KB925902 update, re-install Energize.

The Readme warns users before installing : NOT compatible with Microsoft Windows Update KB925902

See U

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2: I can't seem to launch the installer on this Dell E1705 (Core 2 duo @ 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM) Keeps giving me "Installer corrupted: invalid opcode".

EDIT: Seems I was the culprit of Invalid Opcode. That's fixed, but I had Darkside installed and Energize is fighting with it >:(

May I ask how did you solve the problem with invalid opcode ? I'm also suffering from this and have no idea how to get rid of it.

I honestly don't remember. I had heavily customized (read: removed) parts of my XP install using nLite with RyanVM's update pack. I didn't remove as many things and re-installed windows and never installed Darkside and all seems well... for now...

Will try Beta 2 later.

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Holy cow,

This looks and works great! Thank you so much.

Personally I don’t like vista how it works so I will stay or some time with XP, this Energize 2.0 makes for me the step to Vista take even longer ;).

The only problem I encountered is the start-button:


As you can see it eats up a part of the minimalized window underneath it. I don’t know if it’s possible just to offset the space a bit more?

** by the way, where is the bootscreen with the same style? :P

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Sorry for the primitive formatting...my first post.

First, Energize looks awesome...excellent work peyronnx!

Regarding KB925902 problems, I think if you reduced the file size of the AVIs in shell32.dll this problem would be solved.

I had the user32.dll error too; I remember reading somewhere ( CrystalXP, I think ) that the problem isn't really user32.dll but shell32.dll being too large...so I ResHack'ed in some smaller AVIs, about 400k average size, everything works fine with shell32 at about 14 Mb (down from 25 Mb).

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Good to know the user32.dll bug can be fixed, it's been annoying the heck out of me.

SUGGESTION: The 'Network cable unplugged'/disconnected network icons that appear in the system tray should look have a red X on them, instead of the yellow triangle with explanation point.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been a few days and no replies - nobody uses energize? :blink:

We're scared 'cause its beta.

But anyway, I tried it out on a partition. So far it looks really nice. I am having some issues with it. I will go in depth with screens once I try to find all of them. In the meantime, it would be really nice to make an installer like XPero does. I'm looking for the 'modify ISO' setting to change boot files.

Also, I have a question about this app. If I pick let's say the 'modify 7-zip' files option and I have no 7-zip installed, does it skip it?

What about with things like Media Player and such. I'm running an nLited OS and I don't want garbage.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for being mute during the previous weeks, but I was very busy with my job.

I have noticed all the comments and I will try to fix all for the next beta (planned before Xmas).

Concerning the patching process, I remind you that Energize patches the files only if they exist on the computer.

I have designed a log function so that wa can easily share the bugs in the future.

See U

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Thanks for replying - but have you downloaded the latest beta?

Yup. But so far its giving me issues. (not everything was 'energized'... like folders and explorer).

I'll try another install, if that doesn't work, I'm posting the issues so they can be fixed before the final.

Concerning the patching process, I remind you that Energize patches the files only if they exist on the computer.

That's awesome. Especiallly with my nLited installation.

Now for 'Energize' does it override most or all of the old XP Style icons/themes with new ones? Like Vize does?

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