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Registry Entries - WPI


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Hi all, I have Nero 7.exe + a .reg file which will register the serial number etc., Using $OEM$ folders method, I used to execute the .reg file before and after that I used to execute the Nero 7.exe file and it always worked fine. Now, I want to do the same thing with WPI. I've seen before reg & after entries. Can any one tell me the syntax for before reg entry. "%wpipath\install\regfiles\nero7.reg" . this is the thing i use, but it doesn't work. thru dos command i used "regedit /S nero7.reg" . how to do this with wpi.

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%wpipath%\install\regfiles\nero7.reg works just fine. There is a little bug in WPI right now that causes double quotes on the reg before\after. Simply remove the quotes.

Thanks, Kel, that saved my day. Was going nuts over none of my reg files importing correctly. Maybe you should include that information on the homepage. I'm a first time WPI user and everything but the reg imports has worked for me. It's a great program - thanks a lot.

Is it being further developed - ie are you thinking about implement some of the whacky injection stuff floating around the forum, (I'm thinking about the excell sheet from that french guy, giving the wpi dropdown boxes and select menues).

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