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  1. please excuse me if I'm overlooking something that's always been there - I have read the manual but haven't been able to find out how to keep my settings under options - the General tab - Tool Tip style customization. I always set my own Tool Tip styles but every time I upgrade, they are back to the standard ones - it would be great if they were kept if I've changed them.
  2. absolutely fantastic!!! Tested on clean install of xp sp3 with .net 3.5 +ie7. Ran a check on windows update, downloaded all suggested updaes (48 in all) and then ran all 48 updates, including .net3.5sp1 + the additional post .net3.5sp1 updates + windows Package Installer + Windows update agent v7 with no trouble at all. Checked windows update and ms update afterwards - result = 0 updates to install. From now on I'm just going to download the patches as they become available, save them in a dir and run the proggie on my xp iso cd. thanks a lot.
  3. HI, every time I run WP 7.1.1 it asks for a diskette in my A drive. I can click cancel 3 times and then it continues on as usual. Also, between 6.5.1 and 7.1.1, the latter runs tremendously sluggish. Menus are reacting very slow, going into options takes forever to load. System: Danish Winxp pro + sp3 BTW: And thanks for the prog, truly is great....
  4. Ohh man we finally nailed that bastard Logitech. I should've known that Ryans forum held the answer. No more Autoit - use the silent install from Ryans instead. If you use WPI, you can start with running the setup followed by a taskkillS to kill the update program that inevitably starts after you have installed. ... Thanks for the tip Sp00f
  5. Hola Kel and Co. First off, thanks a lot for coding this great little proggie. I used it for the first time last week, had all my silent installers ready and everything worked out of the box the first time. That's a cadeu to you guys. Only thing was the bug with the registry files getting doubleqoutes, but that info was off course available to the avid reader in the forum. My question is: I've had a long look at Dje's excell injection tool and I was fiddling around with WPI v6.2 myself to try some of it out but I was wondering what your thoughts where to using the functions that Dje introduces? I'm mainly thinking about having the possibility to load external config files as an option and then having those commands injected into wpi, ie like Dje does with say, offering the option to create Firefox profiles and re-installing all/chosen Firefox extensions. Another good one from Dje's would be say, selecting a backed up My Documents folder, and either copy the contents to the new xp default location (or better yet, change the registry settings of xp to point to the backed up directory) That's basically just a selecet a dir and write the selected dir into the registry operation. But that would be usefull for all kinds of backed up data one has on other partitions from previous windows installs. Any ways, my sixpence....
  6. Thanks, Kel, that saved my day. Was going nuts over none of my reg files importing correctly. Maybe you should include that information on the homepage. I'm a first time WPI user and everything but the reg imports has worked for me. It's a great program - thanks a lot. Is it being further developed - ie are you thinking about implement some of the whacky injection stuff floating around the forum, (I'm thinking about the excell sheet from that french guy, giving the wpi dropdown boxes and select menues).
  7. Thanks SRJ, that helped a lot. It seems that Logictech really do not want us to be able to silently install their software. They state in their forums, that they don't support it. With version 4.00 it got even worse, as the .iss method of installing isn't supported anymore. Only way I know of is by Autoit Script. To Anita: You have to modify the above script a bit to get it working with an italian version. Mainly the names of the windows, the order of the sequence and perhaps even the numbers of the buttons. (I had to do all these changes to get it to work with the danish version.) Here's how I did it for Logitech Setpoint Drivers v4.00: 1) Get the install file from Logitech and extract the exe files inside, use winrar or another packer proggie. You'll now get a lot of files an folders, containing the setup files. 2) Logitech now includes the option to install the Yahoo bar into your browser. I think thats crap so I just delete the folder named "-3YT" You can also delete all txt files and all the folders in the "Ressources"-folder, that contain languages you dont need. 3) Compile an AutoIt script like SJR's example - you probably have to modify it a bit. Especially you have to expand it with a a section that kills the updater running at the end of the installation. 4) To pack the files to put on a cd, I just pack all the files and the compiled AU3-exe into a self-extracting winrar archive, and tell it to run silent, overwrite everything, extract to the TEMP-path and run the AU3 file after extraction. This packed file can now be used from anywhere - from a cd, from somewhere on you harddisk etc. I've attached my script for you to have a look at - RUN("Setup.exe") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","","Button13") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","Vælg sprog") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Vælg sprog","Button13") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","Licensaftale for software") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Licensaftale for software","Button18") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Licensaftale for software","Button13") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","Destinationsmappe") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Destinationsmappe","Button13") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","Bemærk: Hvis enheden er sluttet til en PS/2-port, kan du bruge funktionerne som styres af softwaren, når computeren er blevet genstartet.") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Bemærk: Hvis enheden er sluttet til en PS/2-port, kan du bruge funktionerne som styres af softwaren, når computeren er blevet genstartet.","Button31") WinWaitActive("Logitech Software Setup","Nej. Jeg vil genstarte min computer senere") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Nej. Jeg vil genstarte min computer senere","Button23") ControlClick("Logitech Software Setup","Nej. Jeg vil genstarte min computer senere","Button13") WinWaitActive("Logitech-opdatering","") ControlClick("Logitech-opdatering","","Button2") Ups, forgot that this will be of absolutely no help to any non-danish speaking person, so basically, I used the AutoIt Window informaion tool to get the window title names, that the script uses to target it's instructions. Sometimes the title of the window wont change, although you progress with the install. To circumvent that, you can target some specific text in the specific window instead. Once you have targeted a window, you can use the ControlClick command, to target a specific control, ie a button, choose an item from a list etc, by targeting the controls id on that specific page. Once again the Window info tool tells you everything you need to know. Read the simple tutorials on the autoit page to get started.
  8. solution is here http://www.msfn.org/board/Kaspersky_7_Kav_...mp;hl=kaspersky
  9. yep, the 7.x installers support this method now. If you want to include your license file, put it in the same dir as the .msi-file and Kaspersky will automatically use it. Kaspersky-setup will not restart your machine and the program itself will not start, until you have rebooted, so finally an easy way to install this.
  10. @ a06lp -->> thanks , hehe I did read the whole thread and still managed to overlook the install instructions Ok, everything up and running and so far no probs. First testrun installed ok. Next question, is it possible to combine this method with something that makes it possible to get the MassStorage drivers to install as well . Yes, I know AutoIt is only for PnP devices, but I want my MTV as well Any hint greatly appreciated. Or would it be better/easier?? to go generic and go for BTS Driver Pack solution instead
  11. I was thinking of doing it this way instead of the .inf way, but where to put this line??
  12. Thanks a lot for this method, I have just started to build my own unattended install dvd and the automatic driver installation was drving me crazy. This method looks nice and easy = me likes. Just one question: In the Unatteded Guide, the drivers are placed in the $OEM$/$1/Drivers folder. I followed the instructions and made some subfolders, one for each set of drivers, ie 000_chipset, 001_graphics, etc. The question is: Can I have subfolders inside the specific driver folders, ie /Drivers/001_graphics/SomeFolder1 and /Drivers/001_graphics/SomeFolder2 and will the AutoIT method scan the subfolders for drivers, or must i use inf files put directly in the /Drivers/001_graphics folder ? cheers in advance

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