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New programmers editor on the block: E-TextEditor


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I do a lot of Ruby on Rails development and have recently discovered this wonderful editor. Many people rave about TextMate being the ultimate editor for the Mac and while there is plenty of choice on the PC nothing quite compares. I've tried many editors in my time and many have syntax highlighting for various languages but the power of Bundles in TextMate means you get all the tools setup as well. Many editors allow command line tools to be set up but none provide the flexibility, integration and support of TextMate Bundles. E provides compatibility with TextMate bundles and although you can't use them all straight out of the box much work has been done to ensure they are useable. There are commands and syntax highlight support for hundreds of languages. It just feels right!

It's just made it to 1.0 release + a few minor updates. There is more work to do but I think it's pretty solid. It's not free but for $35 it's as good as.

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I don't want to start another text editor war but...

I'm sorry, when an editor lists code folding as the first feature in it's list I have to snigger.

Seriously though, I've not seen anything like textmates bundle system before. Don't knock it until you try it. Of course it does depend on what sort of text editing you are doing. No golden hammer as they say.

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