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Integrating hotfixes


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I'm a little bit confused anout the integration of hotfixes with nLite. I use Windows Updates Downloader to download updates, but how do I find out which ones do I need to download? Also how do I know which hotfixes and updates my windows already has? (so I won't download and integrate them). For examle I have a windows xp folder on my computer and I want to make an unattended cd but I also have a folder of 363 updates (600mb) and I don't know which to integrate.

And one last question about nLite. If I made an .iso of XP automated installation and integrated some hotfixes, but then I realize that I missed some, what do I do? I mean if after I made an iso file of XP, I download some more hotfixes in the derectory where I have windows updates, and I decide to include these new updates to my XP I built but I don't know which ones I already did include, can I integrate ALL the hotfixes that I have, would it be any different if I integrated just new hotfixes?

Thanks for help

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Well that is a huge amount of space, I would suggest downloading an untouched ISO ( to play it safe ) and then go download RyanVM's post SP2 update pack, this is a lot smaller in size and lists all the updates, don't forget you will still need to add a couple.

What I do, copy the entire contents off your windows xp cd and call it XPoriginal ( you choose name ) then make another folder, call it mynlite ( your choice again ). Now just remember the date and time, so when you load up nlite again it will ask you if you want to load your last session*.

Now I am sure ,you can load up your already modified nlite folder again, but after I start messing around with a lot of things, I will start from scratch so grab the files from the example I made XPoriginal and move to a appropriate folder say mynlitejuly02.

hope that makes some sence

take care

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