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Hi! I wanted to get a very slim OS and wanted to know if anyone has some ideas on how could i get a windows folder of 300-400 mb. maybe some advance tips or things like this... I played around with nlite these days and, even if the iso is down to 130-150 mb the windows folder will still be 530 mb...

thanx in advance

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well it depends on what you use your computer for, so my question is.... what is your computer used for?

i.e. gaming, internet, networking, working.... be quite specific, this is so we give better suggestions of what we can remove or not

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We had exactly the same question in the german-nlite forum two days ago.

Basically you can reduce the folder by selecting:

remove drivers after installation

remove .cat files

remove double dlls

clean the tempfolder

clean dll and drivercache

remove unneccessary drivers and components

and if you bought it :

run XPlite on the fresh system


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