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heeelloooo :D Does anyone happen to know of any good virus protection programs which suit W2K best?? Im trying to update to XP at the moment, but in the mean time i thought i would still keep my computer protected the best i can.

So any help is appreciated :thumbup

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Depens if you want free or paid for

if you want free then these two are good



free updates regular.

I use both systems with no problems (win2k and xp) - I know you shouldnt really but they both seem to hunt for different bugs! and work in harmony for me at least

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Hmmmm some people i kno hav said that macaffee is pretty bad when it comes to virus protection... But im guessing norton is worst???

The problem with those products isn't the quality of scanning or finding viruses (both rate pretty high on tests in detection/clean rates), it's the bload and other issues that come with them that turns people off. But as a previous poster said, he doesn't mind the boot time slowdown he gets with McAfee because he feels comfortable with it keeping him as safe as possible, which McAfee can do (just, slowly :)).

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