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  1. Hahah i gues saying there are only a "few helpful threads" is an understantement. I had only been browsing for about 5 mins b4 i joined up lol. But ive been looking aorund and there r so many helpful threads and people around.
  2. wow thats actually amazing... my comp sucks and takes AGES to download dvd's lol.
  3. Hahah ur just like my dad He doesnt believe me when i say im doing it for a reason as simple as i make out it is lol. 2 me proving what i can do after i research and maybe even get a lil help is more impotant than simply breaking into the admin account for my own purposes. Ive done it before and i overrided all of the passwords but even without the Admin password he was still abl to get in and change every password even without the admin password... Not quite sure how he did it, but i suspect he is probably using the method i tried before, by loading up a Disk and altering the BIOS settings. If i wanted the admin pw for any other reason i would hav stated them That will b hard 2 blieve tho seing as i am a teenager lol. Ive currently been researching and i think i may hav found a method, its kinda like my past methods of cracking W XP, but instead i burn the iso image onto a CDR and, yet agen, alter the BIOS settings so that the CD will load the image. The only thing is... i have to answer some questions about the windows installation ( im not 100% on what it means about answer questions about the windows installation).
  4. Hmmmm some people i kno hav said that macaffee is pretty bad when it comes to virus protection... But im guessing norton is worst???
  5. haha sure thing ill try some more on how 2 break in. But W2K can be broken into, seing as there r 2 admin accounts, 1 of which is hidden and the other simply seen as the only admin account. I used that for a VERY long time, and my dad was pretty much unaware.... I hunted around on google a bit, and found a program which can be booted off a CD, the only thing i had 2 do tho was change the BIOS settings to allow the CD to run first, i aquired the codes but i think my dad configured that so it would only let me get a quick glimpse of the codes... normally it is supposed to remain on the screen and save to the disk, but that sure wasnt the case with W2K... in most cases i think W2K is alot harder 2 breache than XP... but thats due to the program working 1st time on XP, so i didnt try any other methods.
  6. Hi all, My phone has been messing up for a while now, so i decided to take it to the O2 shop. I was having problems recieving songs and movie clips from other people via bluetooth, and she simply said i needed to clear some of my phone memory to allow it to actually downlaod there then i can move it to my memory card. The only thing is... It still doesnt allow me to recieve any files Im not sure what else to do... Does the music/ Video file hav to be a certain file type for the phone?? Or is there a possible fault with the bluetooth??
  7. Woops sorry i meant Windows XP is easy to breach, Im having a hard time getting into W2K I jus want to be able to access the admin account or a power user... Just to prove to him i can actually do it lol. Brute forcing isnt much of an option either... seing as it takes ages to breach, and im thinking my dad probably used numbers, jus 2 make it a bit trickier.
  8. heeelloooo Does anyone happen to know of any good virus protection programs which suit W2K best?? Im trying to update to XP at the moment, but in the mean time i thought i would still keep my computer protected the best i can. So any help is appreciated
  9. Hi there all, just wondering if anyone happened to play maplestory... Its looks really childish, but its actually quite addictive lol. But thought id ask around to c if anyone actually plays it
  10. haha ok maybe i do kno y he has restricted it... But it was for the complete wrong reasons. He did it cause the thinks i cant get back into the admin account.... Its pretty easy 2 breach W2K... so he thought he would block the passwords on Win 2K to see if i can break into them accounts.... So far it seems pretty useless buuuuuut u cud help me get around that
  11. Hi guys, My dad has been fiddling with the computer lately, and has now changed the admin password and all of the other passwords. Im not too familiar with windows 200 pro, so im not sure how to get around this dilemma. If anyone could offer me some suggestions (any at all) i would really appreciate it. I dont really mind which account i get into, but wud prefer to get into the admin account. Im guessing it might be harder to break into the Admin account tho...
  12. Hi guys, Was looking around the forum and saw quite a few helpful threads, so thought i'd join up

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