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Deep thoughts about shifting to Office 2007.


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Now running Office 2003 - in the future running Office 2007???

The goal is to be able to do the same I do today - that is -

slipstreaming in updates and configure installations like I do

with Office Resource Kit (ORK).

Which suite will be the mini working suite? :blink:


Home & student


Small business



Professional plus


Big thanx in advance

/SwedenXP B)

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The Microsoft Office Standard 2007 or Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 would be the best then, see what has the best price I would say.

I use Microsoft Office Standard 2007 too on some of my computers (Some I still have 2003, not going to buy new licenses or upgrades). I wish it had no outlook so it would be even cheaper :P.

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you dont slipstream updats in with office 2007. you place the updates in an updates folder & they get installed during setup. Office 2007 dosent install with an administrative install like previous offices so the installation files are kept locally on the machine once its installed.

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