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change wallpaper of the "Unlock computer" screen


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to have a specific wallpaper (company logo for example) while the computer is locked and the screen saver not activated.

Any suggestion ?

thanks for your reply.

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Materials Required

1 sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper, preferably white.

1 computer, preferably of the IBM compatible type.

1 inkjet printer, preferably color, laser is also acceptable.

1 roll of clear scotch tape.

1 company logo in electronic image form.

Setup Time Required

15 minutes


1. Insert the sheet of paper into the printer.

2. Using the computer you collected with your list of materials, print the company logo onto the sheet of paper using the printer.

3. Wait 5 minutes for the ink to fully dry.

4. Using the roll of clear scotch tape, afix the paper using the long side on top the top of the screen which users will lock.

Note: Only afix the top side, leave the other sides free for movement.


When the workstation is in use, flip the paper over the monitor to retain a clear view of the screen. When locking the workstation, simply reach around the monitor and flip the paper over the screen.

And there you have it, your company logo when you lock the workstation! :)

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I think with XP you can use Tweat UI to copy the current settings eg background, screen saver, under logon settings, you can get this tool from


So you would use an account set the desired wallpaper, then copy the settings over, then revert back. If you need to automate this process i dont really know off the top of my head

Here is the direct download link


If you need some more help then i will have a look into other options

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anything you see at the welcome screen (ctr+alt+del, also known as the SAS - secure attention sequence) is from the default user hive. You could simply edit hkey_users\.default


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Run Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

Here you will a string value named "Wallpaper" open it and type or paste the path of your pic. and log off to take effect.

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Everyone, except of jcarle, missed the point of the question. :)

He wants to change the wallpaper while the computer is locked...not while it's logged off. In a logged off state, you're all correct that the settings are stored in HKU\.DEFAULT. However, when it's locked it uses the current user settings so whatever wallpaper the user has is what's displayed on the "This workstation is locked by Joe User. Only Joe User or an Administrator can unlock this workstation." screen.

The only way know of to do it would be to force the same corporate wallpaper for all users (and this can be done with a Group Policy).

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As far as I know, there's no functionality built into Windows for what you want. It does make sense that it should be an option though.

Something we've done is force a common screen saver on all of our users. Sure, they can have their own wallpaper because they have to look at that. But when the workstation is locked they're likely away from their desk. We just used the marquee screensaver with our motto. I have my logon script setup to detect the resolution size and adjust the font size accordingly (higher resolution gets larger font size).

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