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[Release] XPize 4.7 Beta 2


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No, I had a problem with my hard drive and had to redo most of the work for 4.7, but as you can see I missed a couple of things.

Would you like me to give you the installer for XPize 4.6?

I think I still have it on my hard-drive.

I can host it onto mediafire and give it to you, if you like?


PS: Thanks for being so honest

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^Won't C# make the installation slower?

What about D?

(Looking for exe of 4.6 now)


Looks like I left it on my room-mate's computer! I can only find the 4.7 Beta 2 one here.

My room-mate is coming back from oversees tomorrow, so I will upload it to mediafire and give you the link then.

In the meantime, WAIT!

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I don't know if I should report this since you are developing a new version of Xpize using C# but I'll go ahead and let you decide if it is of use or not :)

1) The "Automatic Updates" and "Taskbar an Start Menu" icons (on the control panel) are very pixelated when in "titles" view (see attachment).

2) Xpize keeps telling me 1 file needs reloading (and that it will be done on the next reboot) every time I start windows. I tried rebooting several times (without updating anything or connecting to the net) but that popup appears every single time. (is there a way to find what file is xpize refering to?).

I also tried force reloading all files with the same result (the same annoying popup). I've since disabled Xpize reloader from running on startup...

I'm running Xpize 4.7 B2 (fresh install)


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Any idea why I don't get the copy/move dialog, and still have the old xp one? Is there a bug, or there's a bug in my brain? :)

LE: I guess my brain is ok, as I found the first beta vesion of 4.7 on a kits-backup dvd, installed it, and the dialog shows.

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