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the REAL xp-sp3 pre-beta (private)


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"Gold" also refers to "RTM", or release-to-manufacturing, as this is the name of the actual build tree these binaries come from (you can see it on the advanced file properties of system files in the file version string, it is usually in a format something like "<some.file.version.number>_RTM_<some.date.here>".

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ive used this pre sp3 on my current XP install off an original XP pro cd i believe. everyting appears to be fine.

would this work ok if i used it on a sp2 cd? would it figureout what i needed and only install those files or would it mess things up?

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Indeed, as mentioned above by cluberti as well. So an XP+SP3 disc released by MS wont be called "GOLD" as such.


Yes you can slip-stream on top of an SP2 disc, but then you'll be left with orphan files from SP2 on your resulting CD. Prefer the gold disc any day. Also, considering that the SP3 builds currently are just a very little slower in performance (debug turned on?), you might want to wait it out for just a few weeks, the betas will arrive soon enough...

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Ermm... In the sub-culture of the crowd that would be interested in these kind of things, a "GOLD" release usually refers to a non-beta, RTM, Gold disc delivered to manufacturers for replication. In other words, gold = SP0 (service pack zero, that is the initial release)

i know what you wanted to say :) but for me was GOLD-CD not a RTM.

its clear now. ;)

i suggest also integrate sp3 from rtm.

therefore that was why i wanted to say that ms released a new xp version which sp3 included or

i can borrow a rtm cd from my friends (hope) :)

edit: and that was why i bought a new xp cd with sp2 ;)

greetz from austria

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hello everybody..

this is my frist reply to the post, since i joined the site..

am already using this windows xp-sp3 pre beta in my pc..

its really superb, have no problems.. regarding..

also boot up time increased...

previously i was using sp2 with updates till september....

i upgraded my system wit sp3-pre beta..its runs pretty well...

great release....

thanks for all the ppl who are doing a great work here..

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Hi everyone,

Ok, if WMP 11 is not included, then which version is in SP3? WMP10 or WMP9 ?

Also, is it true that after slipstreaming the Retail and Corporate versions of XP Pro will be the same (that is, binary identical)?

In other words, will I be able to repair both retail and corporate installations with the same CD?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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I have no idea how some of you got this to slipstream. When I try it it won't take any of my legal product keys, either vlk or retail. I've tried slipstreaming it onto sp2 and sp0, both times no luck. It does install fine on an existing sp2 machine with my employer's vlk but not on an sp0 machine. Is there something I'm missing?

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