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  1. Thanks, it's a sane recommendation, I've proposed something along those lines to the customer. I hope they'll accept it!
  2. Many thanks for the links! (By the way, I've double checked the spam folder, there's nothing there from Microsoft. I think there's either a problem with my mail servers, or their mail servers) This old PC is important for the customer because it's running an old Citect 5.01 SCADA program, connected via Profibus to a machine in a bottle factory. It would cost tens of thousands of euros to replace the entire machine that produces the bottles, and the SCADA part is absolutely critical for its operation. Do you know if the hotfix can be installed without upgrading NT4 to SP4 ? I'm very nervous about upgrading the Operating System in this PC, because I'm not sure about possible compatibility problems with Citect 5.01 My main reason to apply the hotfix would be to avoid these kind of problems if they accidentally happen again in the future
  3. I tried. I swear I tried. I searched for that fix for almost two hours, but came up empty handed By the way, I also tried filling up those forms with my email details in Microsoft's page. I submitted my request but they don't even reply, they simply ignore you!
  4. Yes, I wouldn't do that either, it's too risky for my taste. But in my case this procedure was needed to fix a dumb mistake one of our technicians made. We had a computer with Win NT 4.0 that wasn't booting, and he suspected it could be a problem with the hard disk. He took the HDD from the old PC, and used an IDE-to-USB adapter to check it in a new computer running Windows 10. As soon as the disk was connected, BAM! the NTFS version was upgraded. He simply browsed the volume with Explorer, but didn't write anything to it. It turned out that the real problem with the old computer was a faulty cable. We replaced the cable, but now it still wouldn't boot because of the changed NTFS version (the old PC only had NT4 SP3 installed, so we got a Blue Screen of Death at startup) We finally managed to fix the drive by installing NT4 in another (very old) machine, and plugging it in that box to be able to run DiskProbe and change those damned bytes related to the NTFS version When the failing machine booted again at last, we ran chkdsk just to be sure and it only found a few metadata errors, that were quickly corrected. There was no data loss, and the PC runs fine, thankfully. Regards.
  5. I've tested the Mark4NTFS tool in a PC with WinNT 4.0 SP6a installed, but unfortunately it doesn't work with volumes formatted using NTFS version 3.1 (commonly called version 5.1). Michael Tartsch's utility gets confused and gives an error saying that it cannot detect the NTFS version :( I had to manually fix the drive using DiskProbe from WinNT 4.0 Resource Kit (found it googling its filename "sp4rk_i386.exe") I followed these instructions: http://web.archive.org/web/20160505164434/http://www.nthelp.com/NT6/NTFS_version.htm And changed the NTFS version bytes from "03 01" to "01 02". Then I unchecked the Read-Only option in DiskProbe, and closed the tool, answering "yes" to flush the changes to disk. After doing that, chkdsk.exe will happily run again in the drive!
  6. I've attached the backside of the packaging, just for reference. It's interesting to note that they seem to be proud of the low CPU load caused by their adapter. I'm not completely sure if I could use HD Tune to reliably measure CPU usage, but I'll give it a try this week and report back the results. Regards. ACARD AEC-7923.pdf
  7. Guys, If anyone is interested, I ended up buying the ACARD adapter with ARC772 chipset. It's more expensive, but it works correctly. I'm getting 58.2 MB/s peak read speed and the SMART status is available to tools like HD Tune and similar. I've also passed Microsoft's chkdsk with success (no errors found). The adapter with the sunplus chipset has been properly destroyed (I've thrown it with all my force against the wall), and the resulting pieces have been sent to my local recycling center for proper processing PS: Sorry if this is a bit off-topic for this thread, but my frustration with Sunplus has been really enormous! Kind regards!
  8. I don't know where else the problem could be. I have Windows 8 x64 recently installed. I'm using a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 motherboard with AMD SB950 south bridge. The SATA controller is configured in AHCI mode, and I'm using the stock AHCI drivers made by Microsoft and included in Windows 8. The SATA cable is brand new and works perfectly well with my other disks (without CRC nor cabling errors) My setup is pretty standard. Nothing out of the ordinary. What could be wrong on my part??! Yes, I know, but I want something more portable, so I can carry it with me.
  9. I've found a few alternatives to the one with the ACARD ARC772 chipset. Here's one with an unknown Silicon Image chipset (cannot identify the exact model in the photo) http://www.manhattan-products.com/en-US/products/3155-ide-to-sata-150-converter Another one with JMicron JM20330 chipset: http://www.siig.com/it-products/controllers-storage/hard-drive-storage/drive-converters/sata-to-ide-adapter-1044.html And this one is using a Marvell 88SA8040 chipset: http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx?CatID=101&HostID=2037&DeviceID=3000&ProdID=1010048 Argh, choices, choices, so many of them! And I really want to avoid buying another crappy controller like the dreaded Sunplus!
  10. Oh, God, I wish I had seen this thread before I bought this piece of crap sata-ide adapter based on the horrible Sunplus SPIF223A chipset I'm using it to plug an IDE Hitachi HDS722516VLAT80 hard disk into a sata controller. But I'm getting an absolutely pathetic read speed of 4 MB/s. Yes, you've read that right, FOUR miserable megabytes per second I'm thinking of just throwing this piece of s*** into the trashcan and buying this one instead: http://www.acard.com/english/fb01-product.jsp?idno_no=226&prod_no=AEC-7923&type1_idno=6&ino=43 Has anyone tried it? What is the best chipset to connect an IDE hard disk into a SerialATA controller? Kind regards.
  11. Wow, I'm having exactly this same problem: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w8itpronetworking/thread/a669657f-51d8-43da-8fb0-14e172d9c0b2 I used to like Robocopy a lot, but now it's close to useless in this buggy state! First the buggy DISM and now this! I'm beginning to think that Microsoft really DOESN'T want companies to use Windows 8. It's made only for consumers and they have broken important things deliberately
  12. The OPK for Windows 8 will be available here (click on the "OPK" tab): http://www.microsoft.com/oem/en/installation/downloads/Pages/technical-downloads.aspx#Tab_3 Royal OEMs already have it. But we, the lowly "System Builders" will have to wait a few more months to get it. Regards.
  13. Hi, Thank you very much, kyor. Your little .REG file has finally solved my problem. Before I found this thread I was using Symantec Gdisk32 tool (from Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5) and it didn't work, I always got the "disk read error, press Ctrl+Alt+Del" message upon restart. I was using these command lines, hoping that it would work correctly: gdisk32.exe 1 /cre /pri /for /ntfs:xp /align:CHS /q bootsect.exe /nt52 c: /force /mbr but as I said, unfortunately it didn't work at all. So much for 3rd party partitioning tools... Anyway, I'm really glad I've found this thread Thanks again!
  14. Hi, I have 7 computers in total in my workgroup (5 of them use Windows XP, one uses Vista Basic 64 bit, and the other one is a Mac Mini running Mac OS Leopard). I didn't have any problems at all until I upgraded my computer to Vista. (well, technically I didn't "upgrade", I formatted the hard drive and installed the Vista SP1 DVD from scratch). It's obvious that this problem is related to the server service in Vista. I don't know what's changed, but it's clear that it needs fixing. I have also posted about my problem here: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/showpo...0&siteid=17 Let's hope that Microsoft releases a hotfix soon. I'm unable to access my shared folders from the other computers. This is a critical problem for me! Regards.

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