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Noun1.skag - street names for heroin big H, hell dust, nose drops, scag, thunder, smackdiacetylmorphine, heroin - a narcotic that is considered a hard drug; a highly addictive morphine derivative; intravenous injection provides the fastest and most intense rushstreet name - slang for something (especially for an illegal drug); "`smack' is a street name for heroin"

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WOW! :blink:

I've been busy with some other research for the last few weeks and haven't been back here to contribute. Looks like you've been busy, but I do think the game is dead this time. I can't find any words to follow AKOT, even referring to a list of Scrabble-approved words. But here's something sad. For all the 1,714 unique words we did find, there are still 2,474 legitimate words not used! Most are words I wouldn't think of (EDHS or HUIC), but there are a lot of common words left like AGES, DRIP, RUBY and TUNA. Oh well, better luck to us all next time.


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