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Hello guys, i got E6850 Core 2 3GHz lately, 333 X 9 multiplier, 1333 bus speed, and i got the 8500DDR2 1066 bus speed RAM, when i checked in CPU-Z i found the FSB:DRAM was 5:8 and as i understood the best performance i could gain when its 1:1, so i had to low my RAM FSB to 667MHZ to gain the 1:1, now my question is, why we are paying all this for 1066 while we need 667 with the best core 2 duo processer till now!! and is it what i did right to lower my FSB speed!! is it really 1:1 will get me the best performance?!! :blink:

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Well, there was no need to buy 1066MHz 2.1-2.2Volt DDR2, you could have had enough with 800MHz 1.8-1.85Volt DDR2 RAM.

When you lower the speed you could:

- lower the voltage

- lower the timings

But gains are not big, we could talk about a 2% difrence of overal processing power here (not optimal compared with optimal settings).

When overclocking it could help that your RAM hits the 1066MHz, so are you going to OC that baby?

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ya its great with the heavy load, but as i read 3.8 is the max for this processor and it has to be with changing the voltages after that it wont be stable, anyway i prefer not to play with the voltages, 3.5GHZ, 1000MHZ, 2000MHZ, CL4 wow awesome numbers to me :wub:

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