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Application Compatibility Mode


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I have a friend whos computer I just upgraded from Win98 to Win2K for a favor.

Her son has a couple of games that only run on Win98 OR LOWER (OMG!)

I want to be able to enable the Application compatibility mode on Windows 2000 (Its got SP4 on it) but the command in the M$ KB


 regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll

It does display the "Blah Blah has been successfully registered" thing)

has no effect at all, the compatibilty tab doesnt come up when i go into the properties of the games exe file and i have tried the command several times coupled by copious restarts.

Anyone got any ideas?

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atyndall, you won't be able to see the Compatibility tab from the games' EXE file directly so you MUST create a "shortcut" to it first.

You have to create the shortcut to the games EXE file and then right-click on the games' shortcut icon (NOT its EXE file) and select Properties, then you WILL see the Compatibility tab.

Read MS article 279792 VERY carefully (the article says SP2 and SP3 BUT it should also apply to Win2k SP4):


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Yea. It is applied to shortcuts. I saw that "trick" with w2k and did what u did (tried on exe) and I thought it doesn't work, but it was just that simple mistake...

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