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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a program that can, on the opening of another program, mount an image (lets say an ISO) of a CD or DVD to a virtual drive and, when the same program is closed, unmount it again. I would prefer NOT using a batch file if at all possible. I would like this program to be free (if possible). Thanks! atyndall93
  2. Hi, I have a friend whos computer I just upgraded from Win98 to Win2K for a favor. Her son has a couple of games that only run on Win98 OR LOWER (OMG!) I want to be able to enable the Application compatibility mode on Windows 2000 (Its got SP4 on it) but the command in the M$ KB ( regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll It does display the "Blah Blah has been successfully registered" thing) has no effect at all, the compatibilty tab doesnt come up when i go into the properties of the games exe file and i have tried the command several times coupled by copious restarts. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Norton Internet Security is known to prevent networks from being made (files and printer being shared) until you either Disable it or make exceptions. McAfee may be the same, check the settings. And have you used the Make a Home Network wizard to make the network because on my computer, if i remember correctly, i kept trying to share files and this dialog kept poping up saying and one day i think i ticked 'Don't remind me' and then clicked no and was in a spot of trouble.
  4. i don't think PSPs need drivers they are just recognised as a mass storage device and use the windows generic driver, like my iPod and friends PSP have you installed any software recently that might install drivers (printers, cameras etc.)? have you tried going into Device Manager and choosing the psp aka unknown usb device and finding the reinstall driver button and clicking it, following the steps? it might get windows back to using the generic driver if worst comes to worst you can always buy a $5-$10 memory stick pro media card reader and use that
  5. according to the images they both say exactly the same thing thanks , ill see if SiSoft Sandra knows EDIT: SiSoft Sandra told me that i had the SiS 650/651/740/661FX/741/760 series model (my chipset is the 661FX) so my mobo is the standard one (I personally recommend CPU-Z and SiSoftware Sanda for finding out info to do with both Hardware and Software)
  6. Hi , I recently bought a computer second hand out of the local classfieds. I was provided with a really out of date mobo manual PDF and decided to download a new one off the manufacturers website. Using SiSoft Sandra and CPU-Z I found that the manufacturer was ECS but neither program gave the motherboard model, so I went to their website and searched for mobos with my Socket and chipset etc. and found that my motherboard is either a 661FX-M (V1.0B) or a 661FX-M Deluxe (V1.0). I cannot seem to work out which mobo is mine as the images are basically identical and so are the specs. Does anyone know (or can find out) any distinguishing diferences between them, because i want to download the latest BIOS updates, manuals, drivers etc. Thanks , atyndall
  7. I don't quite understand what you mean, here are the techinal specs of the RAM: On the page it says my chipset is supported, but I have been reading on the internet about how chipsets can be supported but the motherboard is not, but I think my mobo might be supported because my mobo goes hand in hand with the chipset (mobo: SiS-661, chipset: SiS 661FX) Can anyone clarify that or help in any way?
  8. Hi, I have been on E-bay and have found a 1GB Stick of DDR PC3200 RAM and have come across the following message: How do I find out if my motherboard is compatible with HD ram? (Would SiSoft Sandra or CPU-Z say?) According to CPU-Z my mobo is a ECS 661FX-M (V1.0B) or ECS 661FX-M Deluxe (V1.0) with a SiS-661FX Chipset and a SiS-964 Southbridge Thanks , atyndall
  9. whats a divider? and what info do i need to look at in CPU-Z to dertime my RAMs max speed? I thing its max speed without errors might be 200MHz (See Screenshot of cpu-z) P.S. i really don't want to do anything to my com's hardware or anything physical and i only have one stick of ram in my com
  10. Hi , I just recently had a look through all mags and read a section on PC overclocking and have decided to try and overclock my PC by 20%. I have a Socket 478 Celeron (Codename: Northwood) running at 2.4Ghz (100*24.0) on a ECS 661FX-M mobo. It is possible to change my FSB (CPU Frequency), but not my multiplier (set to 24.0) Sensor Info (Taken from BIOS) [see Fig 9]: • Core Voltage: 1.48V - 1.525V • DDR Voltage: 2.60V - 2.62V • CPU Temp: 38°C - 41°C • CPU Fan Speed: 2596RPM - 2636RPM I went into my BIOS (Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility) [see Fig 1] and found its overclocking page (under Frequency/Voltage Control) and was overwhelmed by all the confusing options [see Fig 2]. The following options were changeable without having to change any other settings [see Fig 3]: • 'Auto Detect DIMM/PCI Clk'; • 'Spread Spectrum'; (both of which are Enabled and only have the two options, Enable and Disable.) The following options I could change once I changed the 'Clock Control by' control from Auto to Manual [see Fig 4 and 5]: • 'Async AGP/PCI/SRC Clk' (with options: 'DISABLE'¹², '66/33/100MHz', '80/40/100MHz'¹, '72/36/100MHz'¹); • 'CPU Frequency' (A 'DEC' Number between 100-253, set to 100. I did the Maths and to increse the CPU Speed by 20% I have to set this number to 120 [120*24.0= 2.88GHz]); • 'CPU:DRAM Frequency Ratio' (with options: 'SPD'²³, '1:1', '3:4', '3:5', '1:2') [see Fig 7]; Then there was this display at the bottom of all the options [see Fig 2, 3, 4] • 'DRAM Frequency' (a display showing 200MHz when 'CPU:DRAM Freq Ratio' set to 'SPD' and the 'CPU Freq' set to the default 100, and when I set the 'CPU Freq' to 120 the 'CPU:DRAM Frequency Ratio' changed to 1:1 and this display showed 120MHz but when I changed the 'CPU:DRAM Freq Ratio' to '3:5' the display showed 200MHz again) [see Fig 5, 6 and 8]. ¹When I changed the CPU Frequency to 120 these options are still show but are not selectable; ²Default Option; ³Disappeared when I set the CPU Frequency to 120 All I want to know is if I change the CPU Frequency to 120 what else do I need to change to reflect that? Do I need to change the 'CPU:DRAM Freq Ratio' so that the 'DRAM Frequency' stays the same? Do I need to make the DRAM frequency double the CPU Frequency as it was before? Or is there some pattern that i can't see? Would looking a a SiSoft Sandra report of my Processors and/or other computer parts help me determine the correct DRAM speeds and if my CPU would be damaged if I overclocked at 20%? Fig Links: RM Thankyou in advanced , atyndall P.S. I am being so in-depth because this is my favorite computer and I don't want it to get broken
  11. no idea, might be imbedded into the program anyone else know? why does it now say Windows VISTA????? If your trying to do something illeagal, read the forum rules
  12. it could possibly be a virus, try this: 1. do you have any antivirus software installed? if you do update its definitions and run a full system virus scan, if you don't have one there is a good free one called Avast! Antivirus 2. press Ctrl, Alt and Delete and bring up the task manager, navigate to the processes tab a check to see if there is a item in the list called Winlogon.exe or winlogon.exe 3. If the real winlogon.exe file has crashed then check the following locations and see if they cause any errors or behave strangely: log out of your account and try logging back in try running the windows activation program under Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Activate Windows (Both these places are powered by winlogon.exe) Please Report Back Your Findings
  13. they look like images, try the images section
  14. isn't that illegal? is it Creative Commons? Search Google
  15. try resource hacker, it can replace images and text in programs with your own etc. goto http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/
  16. right clicking on My Computer and find the enviromental varibles page (under advanced i think) and you could change the location of program files but i don't think it would work because all of your programs would think they were still installed in that folder sorry
  17. i know that there is a file called uxtheme.dll, that has something to do with it and i think that the process rundll32.exe has something to do with it aswell try googling it
  18. i think it has a virus do you have any anti-virus software on your computer?, if you do what is it called? has the computer ever been on the internet? does it have firewall software? please answer
  19. copying should work fine, if anything fails then you will still have your works copy
  20. a router with NAT would work! i can't remember, you have one don't you?
  21. have you tried accessing the internet without the NAT router between you and the internet?

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