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Since SunRocket is going out of business, I'm looking into a new VoIP provider. ViaTalk looks good, but I am also considering buying a VoIP device instead of getting the one that they offer.

I really like the open firmware community built on the WRT-series Linksys routers. What is your favorite VoIP device that has a similar community or open nature?

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Hey TAiN - you can go with the BYOD with via talk and reconfigure your gizmo from SR. I just switched and am using the innomedia from SR for viatalk. My VOIP is ack up and running again in less than 20 hours. And 21 months for the price of 12.

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Really? I thought the gizmo was locked up tight. Hadn't tought of trying to break into it...or is it not locked at all? I recall setting the network config when I first got it, but haven't touched it since then. I seem to remember having to do a trick to reset the device so that I could input manual subnetting info.

Sounds like we are in the same boat with SR/ViaTalk!

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I may as well post them here since I can't get access for five days to post on the sunrocket or viatalk forums.

I have successfully configured my SunRocket Innomedia MTA6328-2Re for use with ViaTalk. Thought I would pass the info along.

Connect your computer to the LAn port on the device.

Log into your device via http://MTAIP/Voice_adminPage.htm

Where MTAIP is the configured IP address of the gizmo, by default.

If you hit the reset button, login is admin pswd: slapshot

Click on IP Network

Click on Provisioning Setting

Uncheck Enable Provisioning

Click Save & Reboot

Login again to http://MTAIP/Voice_adminPage.htm

Click Management

Click Administrator and set a new administrator ID & password

Click Update

Click Management

Click End User and set a new User ID and Password

Click Update

Click VoIP

Click SIP Proxy

SIP Proxy = server name ( chicago-1.vtnoc.net in my case)

Uncheck Use OutBound Proxy

SIP Local Signaling Port = 5061

SIP Domain = vtnoc.net

Registration Expiration Time (sec.) = 60 default

codecs: (i have them in this order, the first one being the best sound quality I heard during testing to the worst)






Click Save

Click OK

Click User Account

Line No. - 1

User ID = Phone number

User password = Password provided for soft phone

User name = phone number

Authentication id = phone number

use hot phone = no

And I left Enable T38 fax = no

click save

click OK

There are additional settings you can access via telnet but I did not have to change any of them to get it to work.

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Looks like we have different Gizmos. Mine is an AC-211-SR from 2005. A quick search reveals some passwords/tactics for getting into the device.

Thanks for posting your info, though. It is likely to come in handy when I reconfigure my device :)

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Broadbandreports is doing a great job with this.

How To Flee SunRocket

SunRocket's Gravedigger Speaks

Looks like Friday is D-day for SR.

Here are some of the handy links they've provided.

http://gizmopasswords.blogspot.com/ (Really good password/unlocking/unbricking info)

http://thecrustysysarch.blogspot.com/ (Blog about SR stuff)

Here are some anti-billing tips.

I was so bright that I paid for a lot of service up front to reduce the aggregate cost. They already have my money. Drats!

[updated this topic's title to reflect all the SunRocket info]

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supposedly works for the AC-211

For some reason I don't think we will see any money, and I'm sure as heck not giving the gizmo back if I don't so I think it's fair to keep it an use it for my new provider. I see a few class action lawsuit coming up in the future. Not that they will get anything but they will happen anyhow.

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Thanks for the link. My phone is still working for now. I need to get moving on this transition :)

I don't expect to see a dime of my money back. But good luck getting the gizmo from me!

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My phone is still working with SunRocket. I'll be moving to ViaTalk as soon as I verify that I can unlock my gizmo or SunRocket actually dies. Whichever comes first.

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My phone is still working but I signed up with ViaTalk today anyway. Supposedly it takes a few days for them to setup an account. My Gizmo is now unlocked and I've changed some network settings. It is a bit odd that the WAN and LAN addresses *cannot* share class b address space even if the netmask is class c and the two class c addresses are different.

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How long did it take for ViaTalk to setup your account? I haven't heard from them for two days now (since their initial email). Luckliy, SunRocket is still working.

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Found the dial plans here. But not much else. The only search button is in the KB section...no sitewide search.

I checked my order status (from the link in the first email they sent) and my order hasn't progressed past "Order placed" yet (1st step).

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