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Windows 2000 + movie maker + system restore


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I am wondering if there is any way to run the windows ME or XP movie maker on windows 2000. I think the ME version would have a better chance of succeeding, but I am not sure. I have used and I appreciate windows XP, but, in my opinion, it is too "heavy". I like the 2000 system better because its secure, and it uses less of my computer resources, making my hardware work more quickly. For example, I can run W.O.W. on a pentium 3 933 with 512 mb ram and nvidia 440 with 32mb video, and I get no choppiness no breakup, no issues at all. On XP, that is a completely different scenario. I am hoping to bring some of the XP goodies to the Windows 2000 system. I would most appreciate the movie maker, and the system restore.

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for the system restore thing....i think this would be a good starting point:


it shows how to add system restore to windows 2003 wich also doesn't have system restore

Windows 2003 does have system restore, it's just disabled like Themes and Windows Audio. That guide shows you how to enable the service to get the function enabled.

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putting xp's system restore under win2000 machine is nice. I'll try that on my cousin's Win2k computer.

movie maker is a piece of crap, IMHO. I never use it nor would I install it on any Win2k machine

does the XP version of movie maker run under W2k, Dave.net?

for Win2k users using the WinME edition of Movie Maker, you'll need to get the updated moviemk.exe file from the WinME Movie Maker patch here. the updated moviemk.exe file is version 1.0.1377.0

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Movie Maker is not POS it is just amateur...

the WinME version of movie maker IS POC (piece of crap) but the XP edition version 2.1 of movie maker is somewhat an improvement

there are 3rd party movie maker apps out there that are better than windows movie maker

Bad news Win2k users: XP system restore does NOT work under Win2000 as I've tested it myself, despite using the tips found at the win2k3.msfn.org site :(

don't bother using the ME system restore under Win2k either as that won't work. :angry:

consider using tools like Norton GoBack, Recovery Genius or VCOM Recovery Commander. these tools are far better than system restore

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IMHO Movie Maker is POS & POC in the same time ;)

But to each his own, I've seen people using it and liking it.

XP system restore won't work on 2K, I have tried to implant it few times too, basically every time someone "discovers" something I follow new tips and try it... so far no one found a way to do it.

However there is one cheap yet excellent tool for complete backups:


(works on anything NT-based and I read once someone using it on OS/2 too)

edit - I checked the link and it seems this tool cost now ~40 Euro (wow).

It used to be $6.99 or $9.99 IIRC... I guess inflation in Europe is very high ;)

so I don't recommend it anymore and removed the link (use google)

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