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Hey guys,

i wanne know which type off RAM i can use for my PC/mohtetboard.

i got a Asus P5AD2 Premium

ever infomation for my Mohterboard can been found here:


i have no ide which i can use, i wanne buy form this site


iam already using 2 X 512 DDR Ram

and i want alest 1-2 GB more to run Vista... so would be great if you guys can help me to find me some

ram i can use

My DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1 Socket is in use i need to fell the the

DIMM_A2 AND DIMM_B2 out with 1 or 2 GB ram

BTW my ferind told me that this one was good and match my mohterboard:


iam not 100 % sure so also wanne know if that one i can use :rolleyes:

hope somone can help me ty guys :thumbup

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What speed is your existing memory? 400/533/600? Unless you are replacing it there is no sense buying memory faster than what you already have, unless you intend to replace it in the future.

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i just opened my pc but i could not see any nummer 400/533/600 on the label, but i saw in the mohterboard book there is

somting with DDR (533 MHz) qualifirf vendors list with ram size,model,side ectmm but have no ide what is it...

but i see in the book there is a nummer for a my kingston ram (KVR533D2N4/512 i also see that nummer on my 2x 512 MB ram block..

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