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Tweaks - Keep or Remove DEP?

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Ok, it may just be me reading to much into this, but I am at a stand still on on part "DEP". In the description box it states what it is then, "Enabled (Always On) - strongly not recommended, may cause issues with some games and programs.", (reference - vLite description box).

My basic problem with that statement is that it does not contain enough info or to much, not sure about that yet. Since i am very new to what is inside Vista I have no clue if it wants me to remove to save myself some headaches or if it wants me to keep to prevent the migrains.

Can someone explain this more to me, so that I know if I should remove it?

Thanks in advance!

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For example Quake 3 game won't work if you set it as Always On.

I think when Always On then you have to insert the excluded apps manually in the system properties, I wonder why they didn't make it like a popup, then it would be very useful.

There were few more examples here on the forum but can't remember them now, suffice to say it is a very problematic option, I wouldn't recommend it Always On for anything other than some serious servers.

If in doubt just leave it default, that's what I do. Search on MS site for more info.

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personally i think theres enough popups with the UAC or whatever it is (i know you can remove it lol) but from the normal user who doesnt use vLite it would be very annoying to have a popup for UAC and then another for DEP, UAC on its own is very annoying, but i just leave DEP by default cos i dont see any advantages lol

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i read about an advantage to having it off, i cant remember details but had something to do with certain apps not executing

i had this problem in vista with just a very few apps and most of my games returned cd check errors

so after i disabled it, every game and app executes fine, so i always disable it now, but if you want more details try googling

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