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in Unattended > General, Users

1) which entry is needed to be specified?

2) if I dont specifiy an entry what value it will have?

in Unattended > Regional > Language Groups

what is this Language Groups?

what is Localization?

what is "skip OOBE" ?

why is it so hard for the person that wrote the program to include some info on each setting? we are not supposed to know all of these

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Before you get flamed, I'll try to answer your questions.

Users are ... users of the computer, that will be setup automatically. Those accounts will exist when the installation is finished without needing to create them afterwards.

--> you don't "need" to specify a value, you can create a user.

--> if you don't specify, no additional user will be created

-"adminisrator" and "guest" are MS buid-in accounts. You can also deactivate any of them if you want.

OOBE is the "Out of the Box Experience, it's the part where you create the users and set an Internet connection to register and activate your XP. If you use "skip OOBE", no activation possible, even later.

The list of installed "Language Groups" controls which user locales, input locales, and system locales are available. These resources include code pages and fonts.

Localization will define things like how numbers are shown, money units and other.

If you ever installed any flavour of Windows, you might probably vaguely remember about all these formalities you have to fulfill.

why is it so hard for the person that wrote the program to include some info on each setting? we are not supposed to know all of these.

It's not hard for him, he just assumes people wanting to tweak a Windows Install CD know about that Windows installation at first. And as the program is free, he might as well concentrate on the work it does.

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I have set nlite to remove all but one language and keyboard, the japanese, under "Components"

this creates a winxp that has BOTH english AND japanese and nothing else

i) why it keeps english?

ii) while I didnt choose any entry from the "Language Groups" it did had english and japanese

so my question is what "Language Groups" is more than "Keyboards" + "Languages" under "Components" ?


what "User name" and "Full Name" are for an account? where is each displayed? are all need to be specified? if they are not specified, what will be their value? is there any impact?

as for "Password type"? I suppose he mean to type the password...

what happens if I dont specify password?

as for "Blank password" ? what does it mean?

whats the difference between enabling "Blank password" and just not specifying a password without enabling "Blank password"?


about each entry under "owner and network id":

what is needed to be specified in order to have unattended installation?

what are the restrictions of each?

where these values are displayed?

if I dont specificy them, whats the impact? what value they will get?

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Your questions are so noobistic, so you don't get a reply. No one wants to bother with questions that are so self-explanatory. Sorry if I affended you, but that kind of posts are really annoying. :P

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the whole point of this forum is for people to ask for help, not everyone who uses this program is an expert n you cant expect someone to know how to fully use the program if they have hardly used it before.

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1)i) Why keep english because windows itself is programmed in english (Microsoft who are american so it keeps English US) and the other lanaguages is just for display so the interface can be used around the world but the coding and everything done in the background is still english coding, just the interface (what you see) is different)

ii)I think microsoft tend to release beta versions to japanese earlier than the rest of the world or maybe you just forgot to remove it

2)Username is what you see on the login page

Fullname is what you see at the top of the start menu

Password type is where you type in the password you want for the account in and confirm is just the same as the first box

if you dont want a password then select blank password or just leave the password boxes empty, anyone will do.

blank password is where you can jsut click the username and it will enter the user account without asking for a password, if there is only one account on the computer then it will automatically log into the computer


Computer Name - Name of the computer, used mainly for networking to find your other computers on your network

Full Name - Enter your name

Organisation - name of your company i.e. Microsoft, i usually just put Home

Workgroup - this is the name of your network, a good way of describing it is a folder(Workgroup) with files in it(each file is a computer), if you have a workgroup then you cannot join a domain at the same time so domain is disabled, so dont use domain.

if you leave any of these blank it will just ask you for the answer during the install so you do not need to answer them all

The 'Fullname' and 'Organisation' is shown on the system properties tab (right click on my computer and select properties)

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