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How to Install XP after Vista and Fix the Bootloader


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Ummm... then you create a new partition.

I'm sure if you search, you will be able to find how to do that. Vista can create a partition using disk management console. Need administrator privileges.

Do you mean the Microsoft management console (mmc.exe) or some other program?

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Guest Hosanna

You may want to test Vista first if it will work for you or you may simply just want to keep your XP system around. In this case, you may go for a dual-boot installation. For dual booting, you need at least two partitions, one for XP and the other for Vista. Both partitions can only accommodate one system. If you only have one partition, you need a partitioning tool to help you out.

A dual boot installation will let you choose between your two operating systems every time you open your computer..

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Guest Robinwood

Correct me if am wrong ! but i think windows XP is way better then Windows Vista :whistle:

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Correct me if am wrong ! but i think windows XP is way better then Windows Vista :whistle:

Everyone has different opinions about which version of Windows one prefers... Diversity of opinions is welcome, and, as such, we have set up different sections in the forum where people can discuss their favorite one... :whistle:

In fact, there's even a poll about Vista vs. XP. Would you like to participate?

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Guest computan123

To install an older Windows operating system on a computer running Windows Vista, use the following four procedure.

First of all Install the previous version of Windows, e.g. XP or 2000 etc.

Log on to the previous operating system and restore the latest boot manager by running the following.

bootsect.exe might be in your boot folder of active the partition. If not there, then it's on your Vista DVD in boot folder.

Create a BCD entry for the previous operating system by specifying the following. Bcdedit.exe is located in the \Windows\System32 directory of the Windows Vista partition. Description is the description of the new entry for the older operating system.

Restart the computer in order for the changes to take effect.

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