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  1. MS_NDISWANIP deleted how to recreate

    I resolved this. Apparently devcon could not add the drivers to the device file I created with the system running. A reboot allowed Vista to complete the device recreatio steps.
  2. A package deinstall removed my MS_NDISWANIP device. I cannot use my VPN link now. I tried to recreate it with netcfg and devcon. So far none of the commands I have tried have worked. Devcon reports: C:\Users\Dan>devcon install c:\windows\inf\netrasa.inf ms_ndiswanip Device node created. Install is complete when drivers are updated... Updating drivers for ms_ndiswanip from c:\windows\inf\netrasa.inf. devcon failed. I have tried to comment out the Excluded line in netrasa.inf, as was suggested on one thread. I have checked that the driver files that seem to needed are in system32. I checked a working system with a functioning VPN using the show hidden device device manager feature. What am I missing? Need more files? Need to be in Safe Mode? There must be a way to get this device back and my VPN back up. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. How to Install XP after Vista and Fix the Bootloader

    This Post shows how to shrink an existing single partition to created unallocated space and add a second OS. XP and Vista, of course. May address the question near the end of this great spacesurfer post. http://apcmag.com/5485/dualbooting_vista_and_xp