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So you installed Linux and want to become a l33t g33k now? This is for you!

But first, pay attention: if you want to become a \/\/4RRI0r then you musn't use linux but bsd!

I won't write everything I plan to now so there'll be some empty sections. Don't hesitate to contribute; the goal is not to create a wifi or 3D-acceleration thread nor to write exhaustive things but to help people set their linux to get a friendly OS, sometimes by simply giving links.

Copy&Paste with your mouse:

WARNING: have something to check

gpm is daemon that automatically copies what you select with your mouse and lets you paste it later; provides a nice and easily accessible second clipboard. It is installed on most distributions and ran on startup so you can use it without bothering more.

However, it is rarely correctly set to handle the touchpad on a laptop. Add "-2" to command-line starting gmp; remove "-3" if present.

/usr/sbin/gpm -m /dev/mouse -t ps2 -2

WiFi with ndiswrapper and DriverPacks:

ndiswrapper lets you use windows drivers for wifi under linux. The problem is then to find drivers for windows.

Just get DriverPacks-LAN; it's less than 7MB, you'll find all the drivers you need. Extract with p7zip and use grep to get your driver. Put the .inf and corresponding .sys int the same folder. Finally install it with

ndiswrapper -i your_driver.inf

You can now access your card with "wifi0".

note: ndiswrapper is tagged as buggy and root of kernel panics. DO NOT use precompiled packages: download the source and compile it by yourself (./configure && make && make install is perfect); remember it ships a kernel module.

Extend your laptop's battery life:

Eye-candy: translucency and 3D support:

nlite kde:

Basic shell tricks:

Recompile your kernel:

Vim regex multi-line search&replace:

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A little extension for Nautilus that I find comes in handy is nautilus-open-terminal. From the package description:

nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths

nautilus-open-terminal is a proof-of-concept Nautilus extension which allows you to open a terminal in arbitrary local folders.

There is also Glipper, the Gnome counterpart to the KDE Klipper clipboard manager.

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Become root (Administrator)


Install software in Debian (MEPIS, Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get

Install Firefox in Debian

sudo apt-get firefox

Install WINE (Windows compatibility layer) in Debian

sudo apt-get wine

Install software in Red Hat (Fedora, CentOS)

sudo yum

Edit files in the terminal


Edit files in the terminal and create a backup

nano -B

Add repositories in Debian Linux

sudo nano -B /etc/apt/sources.list

Show your system's network interfaces


Show your system's wireless network interfaces


Show your system's PCI interfaces


Show your system's USB interfaces


Search for text in a file and show it

grep text file

Setting up a passwordless user

sudo nano -B /etc/shadow

Connecting to a wireless network at boot

sudo nano -B /etc/rc.local

Distrowatch Package Management Cheat Sheet

FOSSWire Unix/Linux command cheat sheet

FOSSWire Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

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**** I wanna learn linux but it seems so foreign... I feel deep inside this post is important to me. I tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu and my wireless would not work due to a driver and THAT was all I could figure out.... My wireless usb came with a driver, but I had to "make it" myself as far as I could understand... The rest I had no idea. hense, this topic must be important to me. So, thanks in advance? Hindsite? The post is old.... Linux 10.4 is new... Hmmmm.

No reply needed, I am just rambling.

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