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  1. I cant remeber any windows operating system that needed an app to install fonts. When you were in the font folder, a new menu item appeared in the file menu ... "Install New Fonts". In win 7 you select all the fonts you want to install and right click and pick "Install" from the pop up menu.
  2. Okay, maybe this isn't the forum I quite thought it was... I understand the spamming rules, I hate it too. You all seem to love the piracy part of hacking windows tho, as I was reading about many ways to keep windows 7 going... but you are all very knowledgeable and the info here is very good so let me stay and I will be good. I won't make useless comments and will only ask questions or comment on things I know from now on. I will be a good n00b but not an annoying one. BTW what DO you think of this program in place of anti spyware and anti virus programs, and why do you think that way? Serious question here. Maybe try to get past my evil past and throw me an answer.... I just want to hear any negatives about using that technology because I think its a positive and sounds simple and perfect. .
  3. Okay I will settle down. I did think it sounded like spam, and maybe it was out for a while, but hey if you never saw the movie it's new to you. I thought it was a great idea. In fact after installing my windows OS a few times I thought it was amazing. I didnt have to keep setting symantec global exceptions every time, missing backups, it was frustrating. Sorry. And I was told about Linux and I remember the fun I had learning windows the first few months of my new computer, and thought it would be as fun to try linux. But obviously I will need to get into it better. And yes the MSN thing was random, and useless, but hey I was just kinda jumping in lightly you know? Just because a person is new... Oh hell I know the noob thing, and how ignorant people can get, hell it's easier than being nice! I've done it myself, so... I understand. I have been on forums where there are people who spend what seems like thier entire lives devoted to the forum, and could not possibly have time to learn what they talk about due to the fact they are always posting. They live for the rush... gotta answer every post first... get that status as forum God up to the top. Oh well. Some forums are run by the admins, and that is all that ever gets a chance to discuss anything. imperfect answers and humorous banter is quickly cut down and the person is stripped of thier dignity. Or, a newb will ask a question and the threads go on forever with the admins talking about god knows what until its 300 threads long and the original subject is about some 5 year old problem. I am no spammer. I thought I found God's gift to the Windows security bul*****. And it is serious bull f'n s***. I fix computers. I fix a lot, and most of it is malware, human error, then software error in that order. How many of you super heros have taken a friends laptop home to fix then wish you hadn't when you realize you spent 18 hours on it and your getting a six pack for doing it? Or you end up l;osing all his pictures, or something. I think the deep freeze technology is cool. Thats all. You super tweakers... well thanks for being who you are, cause I love my cell phone, and computer and camera.... without you I would not have them. So shut that bedroom door and keep plugging away.
  4. I have read other forums about this... something about... clearing your cache of settings and old messages? It's a simple fix but you must keep looking online. I found the fix but it is late and I am so tired... It's some files that does not get uninstalled with an uninstall thats why reinstalling does not work... Anyway, you will get it fixed and have a good night. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  5. **** I wanna learn linux but it seems so foreign... I feel deep inside this post is important to me. I tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu and my wireless would not work due to a driver and THAT was all I could figure out.... My wireless usb came with a driver, but I had to "make it" myself as far as I could understand... The rest I had no idea. hense, this topic must be important to me. So, thanks in advance? Hindsite? The post is old.... Linux 10.4 is new... Hmmmm. No reply needed, I am just rambling.
  6. I have been researching into a new technology that is simply amazing. Its by Faronics and is called "Deep Freeze". Many schools use it and some of their other software to make their computers totally indestructable by anything a student can do to it. A simple reboot and all changes, including malware, spyware, viruses, hi-jackers... are all gone. Certain folders are used to store files that you need to save like pictures, emails, documents and downloads, but the rest is destroyed and the computer is exactly the way you left it the last time you rebooted. You can visit any site, run any executable, and totally screw everything up, and you just reboot to fix it ALL. You turn it off to install new stuff and change settings of things like screen savers and desktops, then turn it on and nothing will affect the computer. It is so ingenious that you would never need an antivirus or malware remover again. Acronis is using the technology with their backups and it is like sandboxie only a bigger scale and with password security so no one can change it or turn it off. This should have been invented when Bill gates was a kid, and implemented years ago, and there would be no malware or viruses because no one could damage anyone computers with them. What do you guys think? I have read about it and the program can be used to protect thousands of computers on huge networks. It sounds too good to be true. They make a personal computer edition. I am using the Acronis "Try and Decide" version of the idea and it is amazing, but I want the "Deep Freeze" one because they have a few more sweet security options I wanna try... Anyone see any disadvantages? The Deep Freeze Website
  7. I have just begun using something called "Deep Freeze" by "Faronics". You will never need anti-virus again, nor will you need more than 1 system backup to hold on to. It makes your computer totally indestructible by any means thru any software virus, malware, spyware, or by any tampering whatsoever by anyone or any website. It works great, and this is NOT a SPAM. Just google it. Acronis Backup uses the technology in its new backup software, and you may all be familiar with Sandboxie"... Well, google it and check out the standard version for single computers. The enterprise version could protect the world of computers, and if Billy Gates had of thought of it, there would be no such thing as malware and viruses today. Just check it out. My PC is indestructable, and yours can be too!. Faronics - Deep Freeze

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