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Dead Network Adapter ?


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I think my integrated network adapter died on my desktop but maybe I'm mistaken? So this is how it goes:

Modem connected to linksys wrt54g router, from the router wireless to laptop, wired to main pc and wired to xbox 360. Suddenly desktop stoped responding today to any www requests, I went to check the router settings but it didnt work either.First I thought that router froze so I restarted it and after nothing happened I decidet to test only desktop via straight connection with modem.Completly nothing.In act of desperation I've reinstalled drivers for network adapter but same sh***, later I formated the C: drive and did fresh installation of xp, first after reboot drivers for mainboard, and network adapter only.Completly nothing... so now I'm kinda stuck with laptop on wired connection (at least I know router works) anyway I made kinda discovery.

On the back of PC where u put the ethernet cable there are two small led displays and they blink like this :

1) Cable disconnected from PC back 1 led is green, second is orange in windows it shows message "SEEKING NETWORK ADRESSES"

when I plug back the ethernet cable

2) I led is still green, second one is flashing orange in windows message pops out every couple of seconds "NETWORK CABLE IS UNPLUGGED"

I know it looks weird since those messages should switch places when those things are done, so my question would be simple did the intergrated network adapter died and hmm... I have to buy new mainboard ? Cause for now I dont see any other solution, I think I tried everything... here is the screen from the cmd ipconfig all window. It looks like adapter is found but kinda shut down !?!?! I have no idea whats going on



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