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  1. You can also try to buy a USB Lan Adapter.
  2. Maybe there is some problem in the bios of your motherboard, you may try to update the bios. On the other hand, Which anti -virus software you are using currently?
  3. You have to check whether the network environments are set properly such as workgroup name and ip address(if applicable)
  4. On the other hand, you can try to clear all cookies & temporary internet file(including offline content) in IE & try to download it again. Acutally, i also suggest you to use download manager since the file size is too big. There are more options in downloading file.
  5. thks for your kind reply. I have tried to uninstall the f-secure internet security and i am able to use vpn client. Thks a lot.
  6. Are you sure your cd is bootable ? Furthermore, have you check whether your cdrom drive is okay?
  7. when i try to start the vpn client, the computer restarts automatically. After finish restarting i've got the following error message : Error 51 : The VPN Client failed to create an inter-process communication socket in order to communicate with the service/daemon. VPN connections cannot be established/terminated via the GUI. Refer to Related Information for link to search on Cisco bug ID CSCed05004. How can i solve the problem? please kindly advise. Thks a lot
  8. I will try to use flash drive instead of notebook harddisk , i have use some software to test the reading/writing speed between the notebook harddisk & pqi flash drive, i find out that the reading performance is better for using pqi flash drive.
  9. Furthermore, i want to know the hardware configuration of colore's computer.
  10. buseeliu

    IE Popup Ads

    Have you installed any Anti-virus Software?
  11. have you tried to update the audio driver ?
  12. it seems to be very interesting , i will try it after my friend lends me another usb flash drive (corsair), thks for your effort .
  13. Actually, i have tried to use notebook harddisk to install window xp by using the above method. but it fails. If i use the above code in migrate.inf , i can't not install window xp and there is a warning message that my harddisk c:(should be the drive of the stick) has been damaged. cannot continue setup window anymore, press any key to exit. If i use CDOB's Script, i can continue to setup window even copying temporary file to 3.5" harddisk, however when the PC restarts, there is a warning that ntldr is missing. If i copy ntldr manually to that 3.5" harddisk, i can enter ther screen of installing win xp , however , further warning message is prompt that my setup file is missing. \globalroot\hardiskvolume2\xxxx. How can fix it? I think using notebook hdd to installing xp is faster than using flash drive. Thks for all of your effort again.
  14. I think the main problem is my usb 2.0 stick is not fast enough , if i copy file to notebook harddisk through, the speed is very fast. Maybe i need to buy another high speed usb stick later. Thks for your advice.
  15. my effort is too small actually, just want to help each other within my ability.

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