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  1. I have this drive for a quite long time now http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?DriveID=10 it was barely used and its in perfect condition , i would like to put it in external case and use it with my xbxo 360, pc and laptop, only problem is that I have problem choosing the enclosure, there are so many of them that vary by model, maker and hardware im confused HDD info WD Caviar 80 GB, 100 MB/s, 2 MB Cache, 7200 RPM EIDE (Ultra ATA/100) Big chance it will be formated as HFS+ partition I've checked new egg but there is so much variety taht I'm totally confused http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.as...rnal-Enclosures Could anybody point me in the right direction with something that is rather a good not pricey product with suppport fo USB 2.0 and maybe fire wire ? or any tips by users who use external enclosures ? thanks !
  2. No idea if anybody heard about program called Tversity ? ... anyway it's a small media server that I'm using for video streaming etc. for xbox 360. My problem is that every time it runs in background somehow i get later folder full of downloaded garbage aka podcasts from msnbc, jpg pictures from flickr it totals around 1.8 GB I have no idea why this is downloaded also no time to inspect this at all but since it makes me angry does anybody know any other lightweight app that would allow me to stream stuff to x360 ? Thanks !
  3. I will be trying in a moment.What I'm thinking about now is Ultimate edition mens that I can choose which one I'm installing right ? I'll try to choose Ultimate in vLite options when it ask me again maybe this will prevent it...
  4. Mkay I choose Home Premium version in vlite and after creating iso this is what pops up during the first process of installation on laptop
  5. I think my integrated network adapter died on my desktop but maybe I'm mistaken? So this is how it goes: Modem connected to linksys wrt54g router, from the router wireless to laptop, wired to main pc and wired to xbox 360. Suddenly desktop stoped responding today to any www requests, I went to check the router settings but it didnt work either.First I thought that router froze so I restarted it and after nothing happened I decidet to test only desktop via straight connection with modem.Completly nothing.In act of desperation I've reinstalled drivers for network adapter but same sh***, later I formated the C: drive and did fresh installation of xp, first after reboot drivers for mainboard, and network adapter only.Completly nothing... so now I'm kinda stuck with laptop on wired connection (at least I know router works) anyway I made kinda discovery. On the back of PC where u put the ethernet cable there are two small led displays and they blink like this : 1) Cable disconnected from PC back 1 led is green, second is orange in windows it shows message "SEEKING NETWORK ADRESSES" when I plug back the ethernet cable 2) I led is still green, second one is flashing orange in windows message pops out every couple of seconds "NETWORK CABLE IS UNPLUGGED" I know it looks weird since those messages should switch places when those things are done, so my question would be simple did the intergrated network adapter died and hmm... I have to buy new mainboard ? Cause for now I dont see any other solution, I think I tried everything... here is the screen from the cmd ipconfig all window. It looks like adapter is found but kinda shut down !?!?! I have no idea whats going on SCREEN
  6. Just received new laptop from Dell and I have two questions about drivers, although wasn't sure if this is correct section of the forum, but I hope somebody could answer them or help a little bit. I've got custom build Inspiron E1705 and Windows MCE 2005. Problem is that computer came with so much crap (apps that I wont use) preinstalled that I decided to do it my way and get there clean XP pro that was lightened with nLite. I've searched manufacturers websites for latest packs and almost found all of them except couple of things that still bugs me a lot.First of all I'm not sure about Nvidia drivers, pc have GeForce Go 7900 GS GPU at NV website latest drivers for that type of card are Version: 84.63 but for the regular GeForce cards latest release is Version: 93.71, which ones I should choose... those specified for Go series right ? Next thing are HDD drivers which is hard to get them(or they do not exist ?). Everything runs @ Hitachi SATA Travelstar 7K100 Hitachi's website statement says that XP already has drivers built in but later I can find FAQ article that says So if I will grab and integrate chipset drivers via nLite for my Mobile Intel® 945PM Express that should solve the SATA problem ?
  7. Well I would like to try latest beta of vista but as far it will go some questions came up that I am concerned about... drivers My hardware: CPU : Pentium IV 2.26 GHz GPU : GeForce 6800 Board: Intel D845EBT Network : Intel PRO/100 VE adapter Audio : SoundMax integrated RAM : 512 HDD : 2X Western Digital Caviar ATA 100 So far i found drivers only for graphic card, and what about audio motherboard and network adapter, are those gonna be installed by default with vista ? Because if not I think they are yet not available, and in that case playing with latest beta doesn't make any sense.Thanks for any suggestions or tips !

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