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HELP: Vista Install Error


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I've vlited my vista, down to the size of one cd...

I installed vista, and when it logged on it came up with the following error


WMDRMSDK.DLL Was not found.

Tghis makes Windows Media Palyer not work.

Can anyone tll me why, or hat i have removed for this not to work :S

Cheers, Fast answer would be very nice :D

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what all did u remove can u post your last session

my vlite disc is about 800mb mine is running fine

no kidding...post your 'list'....sounds like you pretty much raped and pillaged your Vista...LOL

I know Media Player is set to autoupdate by default and you need to either disable it via 'registry' or 'Group Policy'..here is a site that has lots of info about Media Player Errors and Fixes:


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