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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to install a application called (Agilia Partner) silently but its keep getting a pop up message(This software requires pdf reader), and when i click ok its closed and it is not installing silently. Could you please give some help. I have attached switches for the app and popup message screen shots herewith. I have tried different commands, SetupAgilia Partner V2R 4.1.3 - 6.0.12 - Key2.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- /LOADINF="C:\Users\JP\Desktop\New folder\sETUP.inf" "SetupAgilia Partner V2R 4.1.3 - 6.0.12 - Key2.exe" /SILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /LOADINF="C:\Users\JP\Desktop\New folder\sETUP.inf"
  2. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if it's any Windows 10 Unattended Guide around here. I would be more than happy to participate in building it if it's not! Thank you!
  3. Hey gang. I'm trying to create a silent install for a software called MUSE on a bunch of Win7 machines. I run setup.exe /r, on my test PC and go through the installation. It creates the setup.iss file just like it's supposed to. When I try to run setup.exe /s the setup process starts and everything runs silently until I get a popup window: "ACROBAT READER VALIDATION- Acrobat Reader 9.0 not found. Do you want to install it?" I'm already running a more updated version of Reader on the machine. Is there some change to the setup.iss file I can make or a line I can include that will get me past this? The contents of the file are this: [installShield Silent] Version=v7.00File=Response File[File Transfer]OverwrittenReadOnly=NoToAll[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-DlgOrder]Dlg0={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdWelcome-0Count=9Dlg1={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdLicense2Rtf-0Dlg2={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdSetupTypeEx-0Dlg3={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdComponentTree-0Dlg4={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdAskDestPath-0Dlg5={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-MessageBox-0Dlg6={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-DlgServer-0Dlg7={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdStartCopy-0Dlg8={FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdFinish-0[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdWelcome-0]Result=1[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdLicense2Rtf-0]Result=1[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdSetupTypeEx-0]Result=MUSE Workstation[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdComponentTree-0]szDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\MUSEApplication-type=stringApplication-count=2Application-0=Application\WinAuthApplication-1=Application\MuseAuthComponent-type=stringComponent-count=1Component-0=ApplicationResult=1[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdAskDestPath-0]szDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\MUSEResult=1[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-MessageBox-0]Result=1[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-DlgServer-0]ServerName=*************Port=****Language=enResult=' 'WinAuth=1MuseAuth=0[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdStartCopy-0]Result=1[Application]Name=MUSEVersion= HealthcareLang=0009[{FEE01555-F5C6-4B8B-B8B1-0A176911DC12}-SdFinish-0]Result=1bOpt1=0bOpt2=0 Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.-Jason Gorton
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