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  1. Hi guys, same error here! I have Vista x32 in english plus italian mui and i get the same error when i try to install vista. Without the mui everything goes fine... Byezzz
  2. Hi guys, is it possible to modify this pack to make it slipstreamable using nlite or the original installer as xpize? I've tried replacing the xpize source's resources with those extracted from the energize installer and then repacking the modified xpize source but, for some reasons, i'm not able to include in it all the new resources that in some cases are more than those from xpize... Maybe this is linked to the nullsoft scripts but i'm not very expert so i don't know... Byezzz
  3. Those squares are normal, i get them in XPreview also with the original Antonio's blue winntbbu but they don't appear during windows setup. Byezzzzz
  4. Hi guys! I've created a new WINNTBBU to better fit XPize Darkside. More information here --> WINNTBBU Dark Byezzzzzz
  5. Hi guys! I've created a new WINNTBBU dark to better fit the new XPize darkside... This work is based on the Antonio King's WINNTBBU without logo, i've simply replaced some bitmap resources, so the most important work was done by Antonio and all the credits should go to him. This is a screenshot from jcarle's XPreview... ...and this is the download link: WINNTBBU-Dark.7z Byezzzzz
  6. I've tried it and it works so good! Thanks Boooggy, great work as always!
  7. 1.70 is out and the "-makeunattended" switch that doesn't work in 1.69 now is fixed and works great (i've tried it with my own addon).
  8. Thanks Kels, i'll try, but i've always used that addon and it always works... Anyway, i'll try! EDIT: Ok, i've solved the ngen problem by installing .net framework in runonce (RyanVM's aio pack) and so removing it as svcpack addon. Now it's ok, but i still get all the other errors... Anyway, now i'm closer to perfection (and to the madness...)!
  9. This is not a reg tweak, it's a command you could run also by "Start\Run...". To make it unattended i've added it in a batch file that i've created to clean and remove some stuffs during windows setup and that i've converted in a svcpack addon with nlite addon maker.
  10. No ideas guys? This problem is driving me crazy... More details (don't now if connected to ngen or not): 1- i get this error at the end of t-13 stage, if i click the "OK" button after few seconds setup continues to t-12 stage... 2- all the addons in "svcpack.inf" were correctly installed... 3- only some "inf addons" were installed and not completely (for example some reg entries were not installed)... 4- during windows startup the screen resolution was setted up wrong and very low, not at 1024x768... 5- during windows startup i get an error that says that some services or drivers failed to start but all drivers were correctly installed and just because of that error i remove only few services with nlite, using compatibility mode to not remove core services and everything always has worked... until now... 6- setuperr.log is not blank: Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll because of the following error: DllInstall returned error 2147746132 (80040154). I'll do other experiments...
  11. Have you slipstreamed also Internet Explorer 7? I got this problem time ago and if i remember correctly the cause was IE7... I solved it by this: reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /f /v CTFMON.EXE
  12. Take a look to this part of your Last Session.ini: ;# Operating System Options # Blaster/Nachi removal tool Manual Install and Upgrade Tour You have removed "Manual Install and Upgrade" and this is the cause of your problem. In nLite check the description of this component and you will see that it removes the files that you need. Byezzzzzzzz
  13. Have you tried without removing components from hardware support section? Maybe that "CPU Intel". This is only a supposition, i've never gotten that error. Byezzzz
  14. Hi guys, have you ever seen this kind of error? I cannot understand which is the application that causes it, but this problem appears both in RC2 and Final nLite versions... So the problem it's connected to my preset. Could someone help me? Thanks Test1.ini

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