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  1. [quote name='ajy0903' post='697758' date='Oct 2 2007, 03:48 AM']Oh, I read all of what you all wrote. I have a question. I'm using AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0. I made background and buttons and stuffs. When i build to exe file and ran it. It cant be run. Can anyone help me with it?[/quote] Do you still have problems mate?
  2. Hi Folks My unattended cds work perfect. Currently I am updating them adn now I'm a little bit confused about the Java thing. First of all I need to distinguish runtime environment from virtual machine...or not? When I install J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6.msi of app. 16 mb....does that include the virtual machine or not? Thanks in adnvacne for shedding some light. Kind regards, Dweeeeeeeeep
  3. HI Folks, I have some problems which I think are related to eachother. After a reinstall of Windows I continued CDImaging and VMWareing as usual....however...... CDImage halts each time it bumps into winnt32a.dll (at 45%) and reports something like > Readfile\GetoverlappedResultfailed(\\?\E:\xpcd\i386\winnt32a.dll,off=c0000, len=10000, status=c0000185) rror1117 VMWare nags about an I\O error which prevents it from executing some task. Ehm....I usually dont have any of such probs adn both CDIMAGE asnd VMWARE work great....any ideas as to what is causing this terrible headache? Kindest regards and tnx in advance my dear friends! Paul van Bommel
  4. Got it working now. First I install the silent package (the one that remains active), then quite a few moments I kill the process and afterwards use the command script to copy the extensions. Kind regards, Dweep
  5. Pfffff.....The install package doesnt create a profile directory on my vmware system....it does create a profile directory on my own system....... Kind regards and thanks in advance for the assist here mate! Dweeep
  6. The installer I created with SOF2 from 23\7 doesnt create the profile directory, the one from SOF2 26\7 does....however the install package coming from SOF2 26/7 remains active....so it has to be killed after it runs.....or is there an update yet that I overlooked? Btw I know how to kill the app after it runs but would prefer that it finishes automatically. Dweep
  7. Hi HK10/100, I tried this approach but it still fails. It seems as if the silent install package doesnt create the profile directory. Then afterwards when I run my batch file, it obviously finds no profile directory....but when I run the silent install package on my own pc....it works..like a charm....I must overlook something...but I'm not quite sure what. Thanks for responding btw, You used SOF 27 beta or SOF 23 for creating the package? Dweep
  8. Hi Folks, How do you install firefox plus profile extensions etc silent? Kind regards, Dweep Ps I have tried several approaches but so far it did not yet work, I know my way around when it comes to unattended setup, installing apps (well most of all then) but so far teh only one that causes problems is Firefox. If you need more info please ask.
  9. Hi my friends! I created setup packages with Windriver Ghost, which contain all drivers of my system. At which point should I intstall these? Normally this would be done using WINNT.SIF > OEMPnPDrivers. Now I'm not sure when to install these.Btw anyone experience with WinDriver Ghost? Kind regards, Paul
  10. Good morning Gerlem, These are the entries I use and they seem to work ok (xptweaks.reg) : [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "SuperHidden"=dword:00000000 "Hidden"=dword:00000001 "ShowSuperHidden"=dword:00000000 I import the registry tweaks by RunOnceExe and I keep the registry tweak file in: \$OEM$\$$\System32\xptweaks.reg So my OEMPreInstall is set to Yes. My cmdlines. txt reads but one entry, the reference to the RunOnceExe script. Kind regards, Paul Gerllem > don't put too many things into your cmdlines.txt. I myself install numerous applications I import quite some tweaks and use many command scripts and all goes well. Currently I managed to create an xpsp2 cd which installs all applications and stuff automatically. Including but not limited to ZoneAlarm Nod32 Total Commander etc etc....My machine is fully equipped after the install. I always use this same construction (the RunOnceExe > what a terrific piece of art those people out here created!!) and I never encounter problems. Kind regards, Paul
  11. Hi Mate! Create a new setup I would suggest. Best regards, Paul
  12. Hey mate it is possible to provide one simple exe file so please share your thougths! Best regards, Paul
  13. 1. DetachedProgram executes from winnt.sif at T-39 stage 2. Installs Devices 3. Installs Network 4. Installs Start Menu Items 5. Registers Components 6. svcpack.inf executes at T-13 minute stage 7. cmdlines.txt executes at T-12 minute stage 8. SetupParams executes from winnt.sif at T-9 minute stage 9. Saves Settings 10. Deletes temporary files then reboots... Kind regards, Paul
  14. Bilou_Gatuex I'm looking forward to your proposal! Best regards, Paul
  15. Hey Mate! This is way out of my league...editing pictures and stuff which reside in DLL's. Perhaps I should have told that. I was thinking about applicatons like RunOnceExe creator and similar apps. Regards Paul
  16. It sounds like you solved my problem! Thanks a lot my friend!! Regards Paul
  17. Hi brnn! This shouldn't be too big a problem but now I am looking for it and I fail to find out right now! Just a matter of minutes before someone will post it positive! I rid my folders from the dx installation thats why I could not find the switch on my disks. Best regards, Paul
  18. Oh well I did not notice it I think it is only great that so many people contribute to this community. Thanks for your post. Best regards, Paul
  19. Hi Darkbringer! I use the del command to rid the desktop from several shortcuts. Perhaps it could help you out as well? I use the runonceexe.cmd and the last command script it executes deals with this. I assume you are familiar with this methods already right? Best regards, Paul
  20. Hi my dear friends! Probably after using booteditor, my bootscreen changed into a blue OS\2 WARP from IBM. Now I have no idea how to change that. At first I thought this screen would be located in ntoskrnl.exe but this file still holds the default. I run winxp sp2 and never deliberately changed the bootscreen into the OS\2 WARP. It is not too big an issue but if someone knows what I am overlooking please respond I'm always eager to learn from this valuable source of info and wizards out here! If you need more info please ask. Best regards, Paul Ps my intention was to chagne the default bootscreen in an own creation. But rightly after trying to load the ntoskrnl Booteditor reported theversion was unsupported but managed to load it. My boot.ini is default I checked it.
  21. I have no idea but I wish you good luck finding it and will come back to see it if someone found it. Could come in handy for me as well. Best regards, Paul
  22. Hi my dear friends! There are numerous really great add ons and applications developed by people out here for making life easier for the unattended install thingies. Now I was wondering whether I could contribute with my programming skills. I know my way around in Delphi programming and have quite some free time. So if there are developers or users here who have little time to invest in a project which involves Delphi programming (or a project which should be updated or some bugs removed) please let me know. I'd be more than happy to contribute! Regards Paul Ps also if there are users who would like some application that does this or that (repetetive tasks for instance) please let me know I'd be more than happy to help you out!
  23. Hi my dear friends! For those of you who use Total Commander with configuration - operation set to left click behaviour, this might be of interest, for those of you who stick to Explorer, this tip won't be of any value. I use to modify .dll files in the I386 Folder, swapping images and stuff. Therefore I have to compress (makecab) and decompress (expand) files a lot. Now I used to open a command window and type in the commands followed by the filename I was working on, but now I found an easier way to either Makecab or Expand files by using the Right Click Menu. I created an installer which drops 2 command scripts into the SendTo folder after which you can right click and either Makecab or Expand files without having to open a command window and type in anything. Simply right click the file and choose either Makecab or Expand et voila....An uninstaller is located in Start > Programs > pdbSendTo > uninstall. I hope it is helpful for someone, Best regards, Paul pdbSENDTO.zip
  24. Hi my dear friends! I Ghost my system whenever it is necessary. A clean install of XP takes toooo much time for me since I have to install about 3 GIGS of other software as well. Take care and kind regards, Paul van Bommel

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