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  1. ok, I see... If I write " expand OEMBIOS. BI_ OEMBIOS.BIN " ,the bin file will be ok to use? @FreeStyler Thankyou, that was good help for me!!! @Floppy, yes you need them to expand like that, eg. expand oembios.cmd expand oembios.bi_ oembios.bin expand oembios.ca_ oembios.cat expand oembios.da_ oembios.dat expand oembios.si_ oembios.sig
  2. @Floppy Yes u can use CMD for that, A example, you can use oobeinfo.ini to load the proper key oobeinfo.ini [Version] ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" [Branding] OEMName="Dell Computer System" OEMLogo="OEMLOGO.JPG" oemcopy.cmd copy oemlogo.bmp %SystemRoot%\System32\ copy oeminfo.ini %SystemRoot%\System32\ copy oobeinfo.ini %SystemRoot%\system32\oobe copy OEMLOGO.JPG %SystemRoot%\system32\oobe\images OEMSCAN.INI [Dell System] PATH=".\Dell\" CMD=".\Dell\OEMCOPY.CMD" When XP loads for the very first time, Key value from oobeinfo.ini is used replacing for example a COA key used during installation
  3. Working great, thx for the update One question though, do we need to process the gateway files in a ordered way? Lets say first scan for the specific range and if that fails scan for the whole range with for example the different set? eg, [GATEWAY] PATH=".\oemfiles\GATEWAY\A04597C6\" RANGE="0x000F32F0:20,0x000FE840:20" [Gateway] PATH=".\oemfiles\GATEWAY\C86378C7\"
  4. On a fresh install there will be CAT files in the dllcache folder. These files are just leftover from the install process and are not restored when rebuilding the dll cache. Any solution that replaces the OEMBIOS files should make sure that the loftover obsolete CAT in the dll cache is removed or replaced to avoid further confusion. Yep, but i used a non Royalty OEM "OEMBIOS.CAT" on my dvd (the one that needs te be left in the /I386/ to succesfully install Windows XP) this file can be confusing as it has a different CRC as the one copied by OEMScan, I agree with Bezalel, either: Delete the OEMBIOS.CAT file from dllcache Copy the matching into dllcache folder
  5. No, still beleive you are wrong here... I just re-tested it with a orginal Dell XP Professional SP2 installation Disc, these are the files found 2 minutes after completing installation: >Windows\System32\ -oembios.bin -oembios.dat -oembios.sig >Windows\System32\dllcache\ -oembios.bin -OEMBIOS.CAT -oembios.dat -oembios.sig >Windows\System32\Catroot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\ -OEMBIOS.CAT
  6. NO, you are right this won't work on VMWare as the BIOS in VMware doesn't hold the reqyuired SLP BIOS strings... The issue about the key, check winnt.sif and/or OOBEinfo.ini on the DVD
  7. Shouldn't OEMBIOS.CAT be copied to DLLCache as well? i believe DLLCache directory holds all 4 files, at least it does after a clean install using my original XP disc [fs]
  8. Shouldn't OEMBIOS.CAT be copied to DLLCache as well? i believe DLLCache directory holds all 4 files, at least it does after a clean install using my original XP disc edit, **** wrong topic [fs]
  9. I dont see a problem why this couldn't... tweak the changekey.vbs or alike so it checks what kind of install it is home, pro or mce and specify which key to use... doesn't sound to hard to acomplish
  10. Got a additional set from NEC here, carying CRC:5B988ABF [fs]
  11. I am pretty sure my current files are ok, but you never know...in the future
  12. @Randy Rhoads Keys are Interchangable, I dont think it could run anytime during the setup,as Windows Setup asks (checks) for valid key on a earlier stage then oemscan can be run, either with cmdlines or via svcpack. You could change it afterwards using MS own KeyUpdate tool, or run a vbscript via CMD at t13
  13. Can we run this from commandline to test files "off disc" ?
  14. @xehqter Use Button #1 [1aAT1/4o+-o] (first button, first tab) and select each one of your OEMBIOS.SI_ or OEMBIOS.SIG files. For the LG set it returned some chinese characters which after using babelfish read something like: LG OEM, BIOS E000 - E200 'LG Electronics' It only seems to recognize oembios sets which it already knows the values for, seems hardcoded Yes, this wil fix issue with sfc /scannow & wfp, even better....there is no trace in "setuperr.log" after installation, xehqter great job!
  15. @all Some here are ahead of you with some stuff, but it looks like they are holding information, think they want to delay the project until Vista Sp1 comes out found some stuff in the public domain that might shine some light on things, With a little help from babelfish you should find your way http://www.crfans.com/Software/Catalog59/1961.html http://blogxp.org/ArticleShow/81255 http://bios.net.cn/Article/wzpd/BIOSJS/bio...0060608978.html @xehqter Thats not really needed, we seem to be able to find the exact range for specific slp locations (check the chinese sites above) @xehqter Can you help Siginet to makes his tool pass wintrust as well? LG added thx, nadav [fs]
  16. @Sigi I ran this on my PC at work, which is a MEDIONPC who preactivates correctly with the oembios set we have, allthough i get this message: Sorry this system is not found in the GetSystem.ini. It may not be a system capable of pre-activation. [edit] The updated release works ok
  17. the answer is NO you don't have to add them all (for now) But i suggest to let the coders here do their thing, as you could have read some are investigating the possibility to "fix" the bios ranges to scan. I'm sure he updates his RS folder as soon he has the time
  18. Could it be possible this is due the fact it should read a blank space before the first character? Like: " FUJITSU SIEMENS" [fs]

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