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  1. Thought I would close this thread with the fact that Freestyler, Mr Smartepants and Siginet have all helped me through with this crackin' app. Made myself a nice disc now! Many regards all!
  2. Well, thanks for the reply, a little harsh with the comment about not searching though buddy. I wouldn't have asked the question if I hadn't already searched. There's just a little unsurity about the serial codes and how specific manufacturer oem serial codes are implemented when using the rvm itegrater with the oemscan tools. For example, I've made a disc using the oem bios addons which is fine, but in my winnt.sif file, while it is automated I am of course going to have to still enter the Serial code as there isn't one specified. Do i need to make lots of winnt.sif files for each bios? If so, where do I put them? Sorry If you thought I was being lazy, perhaps I wasn't specific enough. Thanks for the links, I have already viewed them but got a little lost in there. Insomnai
  3. Hey all, I've read the links to the creation of a Windows installation disc which pre-activates by checking the bios file using the Royalty OEM serial code, but I have a few questions. Is it possible to create a multiple Royalty OEM XP Home installation disc which automatically selects the SLP key needed for that particular bios and yet still remain unattended? Also, is it possible to do the same with Windows Vista? I have made a disc using the RVM integrator and have created a winnt.sif file which hides pages that I have already provided information for, but of course, I'm still being asked for serial keys. This is very new to me so please be clear. I'm not knowledgable about this at all. Many regards Insomnai

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