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  1. I solved the problem (full description here: http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,14364074 ). This is a solution in short: Basically, I installed WinXP on a non-RAID HDD#1; upgraded to WinXP SP2; installed the latest Promise WinXP drivers version (released 2002/4/18) for "FastTrak 100" from Promise website ( http://www.promise.com/support/download/do...iver&os=0&go=GO ); then moved the HDD#1 from regular IDE to a Promise channel; attached a second HDD#2 to Promise channel; then created a RAID-1 array and mirrored HDD#1 to HDD#2. The point is: Promise drivers from Gigabyte web site do not work. Only the drivers from Promise site worked for me.
  2. This is what I did: 1) I fresh-installed WinXP SP2 on a HDD#1 connected to the regular motherboard's IDE channel (not Promise RAID controller). 2) Windows "Device Manager" showed a big "?" on the "RAID controller" line. 3) Then I installed the Promise WinXP RAID drivers from motherboard manufacturer's web site ( http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Motherboard/Sup...ver_GA-7DXR.htm ). 4) Now, "Device Manager" happily shows a branch ''SCSI and RAID controllers'' --> ''Windows XP Promise Fast Trak100 Controller (PDC20265)'' saying ''This device is working properly''. 5) The HDD#2 is connected to one of the Promise RAID controller's channels. But "Disk Management" does NOT display the HDD#2 data. HDD#2 is invisible to the system. Any ideas how to force WinXP to recognize a drive connected to Promise RAID controller channel? Maybe I missed an important step?...... Data: HDD#1, HDD#2 are: WDC 160GB Motherboard GA-7DXR with integral Promise Fast Trak100 Controller (PDC20265) WinXP SP2 fresh-installed
  3. Short question -- where do I take Promise RAID WinXP drivers for GA-7DXR motherboard? And here are the details: I have GA-7DXR motherboard ( http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Motherboard/Pro...cts_GA-7DXR.htm ) with on-board Promise PDC20265 ATA100 w/ RAID chip. The manufacturer's manual ( http://america.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/F...7dxr_e_0201.pdf ) described RAID starting on page 65. Board's BIOS version F9 dated 2002/4/12 ( http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Motherboard/Sup...IOS_GA-7DXR.htm ) which claims to "support 137GB or bigger HDD". Motherboard's BIOS also includes "FastTrak100 ”Lite”". The latest Promise driver on the GA site ( http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Motherboard/Sup...ver_GA-7DXR.htm ) is Promise PDC20265 RAID : 1.30-60 ATA100 : Now, to Promise website ( http://www.promise.com/support/download/do...iver&os=0&go=GO ). It says that FastTrak100 supports 137GB or bigger HDD only starting from Windows driver version (released 2002/4/18) which by the way must use BIOS version or above. Promise also warns ( http://www.promise.com/product/oem_ataraid_pdc20265r_eng.htm ) "DO NOT download BIOS & driver for PROMISE brand PCI card products to be used on motherboards. They are different products. The PDC20265R is specifically for motherboard built in use only, and not to be used on PROMISE brand PCI card product." WHAT I DID: I configured RAID 1 array using FastBuild BIOS menus (2 x WDC-160GB). No complaints from FastBuild. I even tested those 2 drives using a 3rd party utility from a bootable floppy; no complaints. I copied Gigabyte-provided Promise RAID drivers to a floppy. Then I proceeded with WinXP fresh installation -> "F6" -> inserted a diskette with Gigabyte-provided Promise RAID drivers for WinXP -> selected a FastTrak 100 PDC20265 diver from the menu. Windows setup acknowledged a new driver. But then, Windows setup stopped with an error message "This system has no hard drives" (quoting by memory). Any ideas what to do next?

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