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  1. http://www.google.be/search?hl=nl&clie...oeken&meta= .htpasswd and .htaccess Those will make it able to get a user-login for a subfolder. Grtz, SaRs!
  2. U mean like this: http://tornupletters.com/sars/test/test.php Here's the script: Grtz, SaRs!
  3. First, you will need to supply people with sizes, styles, vectors?,... Secondly, you should mention that you want them to create a wordpress header too, because I don't think you will do that urself. Thirdly, I would be happy to do it for like 1 $ on paypal. Contact me: dubois_bernard@hotmail.com Or private message me on the forums. Grtz, SaRs!
  4. One more question: What about spaces in the Registry path: For example HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\BLA BLA\BLABLABLA.reg Now, when writing that into "" or even [] it doesn't work in command prompt. Any help? Grtz, SaRs! ps: U guys are like awesome
  5. What does this stand for: %~dp0 Thanx a heaps, SaRs! EDIT: This is my current code: The problem is that, if u open the .txt file after having downloaded it from the server, it displays a lot of strange chinese symbols. I tried both with Binary and not-binary sending. Both failed... Any suggestions? EDIT: And if two files are made on one day, one of them is overwritten. Maybe putting a time stamp on them too would help? Thx a heaps for the help offered already, SaRs!
  6. Hey guys It's been a while... I would be happy if anyone could help. I need a program in command prompt (a batch file I mean ofcourse), which does this: Extract a registry file out of registry, and automatically upload it to an ftp server, in a map on the ftp server, which has the date as name. This is what I got so far: Ofcourse it doesn't work, because the username and password aren't typed in manually. I don't think it is possible with the echo command, and it's definately not possible with the print command. And how can you make a map on the ftp server with the current time, in which the reg file will be placed? Any help appreciated. Grtz, SaRs! EDIT: I found those two which may help: EDIT2: Another problem I have are the spaces in the registry paths. How to write them in ur batch file?
  7. BUMP: still having the problem
  8. Well, it's pretty strange. I changed the position of my fans and now the temp gets maxed at 65 °C. I'm not sure though, but I get a lot of different BSoD's now too. I hope anyone can still help, though, I think my computer is at his end. Grtz, Sars!
  9. Yeh, but I don't really think that 'drivers' exist for a processor xD And if you mean these: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/inf/ I already tried 'em Grtz, Sars! ps: It went smooth in normal mode yesterday for about an hour, then it freezed. After reboot, it gave bsod's again. EDIT: This is what CPU says (look to the right): I would like to downclock my cpu, but HOW? Grtz, Sars!
  10. Little bump (cause I editted my previous post 3 times, and didn't have a reply since original message) Grtz, Sars! EDIT: Disabled HyperThreading, did nothing. Ow, and I guess it's normal that there aren't anymore BSoD's, but the computer just restarts? EDIT: wooow, I'm 50 minutes (not safemode) on my comp now and it didn't give a bsod. Maybe it's fixed. Not sure yet though
  11. I'm pretty sure it's not the memory because I just put new in it. Before it had 2 x 512 twinmos, and it gave the same bsod. I also thought it was the memory, that's why I bought new I'll do the dump thing though. Thanx for the replys already, Sars! EDIT: Could it be possible that my computer already automaticaly created a dump? Because when I get the BSoD, in the bottom, a loading thing comes, with 'writing memory dump' or something like that. Ow, I can't put it as an attachment because its over 200 MB I think I'll just make a new one, 'cus that's strange, isn't it? Grtz, Sars! EDIT: Ok, I didn't realize I needed to open the MEMORY.dmp with the debugging tools xD Anyways, this is what I got: And this is a bit completer one: And this is what Bill says: Seems I was right with the two processors showing up after all? Grtz, Sars!
  12. Made this to blend with the site Well, it was a bit too small to make a really good logo. It's not really a logo now, is it? Grtz, Sars!
  13. Hey there, I feel like smashing my computer... xD So, well, not difficult. I get a BSoD! This is teh error message (I get others too, but this one is most frequent): 0x7F (0x0D, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00) I'm really out of ideas. Here's what I tried already: -Upgraded windows XP to windows Vista Ultimate -Put this inside my case: -Reinstall graphic drivers, audio drivers, directx -Unscrew my processor and graphic card (took out everything and put everything back in) -Virus-scans Now, I don't get this BSoD while playing games (sometimes I do, but mostly my games work perfect) and I don't get it while in Safe Mode. Here's my system specs: P5GDC Deluxe Asus (MoBo) Intel P4 HT540 3.2 Ghz Geforce 7900 GT Sonic 512 mb (palit) 2 x 1GB ramm (I don't know, but I think it's corsair) 200 gb hard disk S-ATA 460 Watt tagan powersupply X-FI extremegamer Soundcard There's a bootlog as attachment. I hope anyone could help Grtz, Sars! EDIT: And this is just strange: ntbtlog.rar
  14. My computer spec's: Mobo: Asus P5GDC Deluxe PCI-express Processor: P4 540 HT (3.2 ghz) Graka: Palit Geforce 7900 gt sonic (512 mb) Mem: 2x 512 mb (TwinMos) 200 gb hd Maxtor S-ATA (or western digital, not sure) 1 x dvd reader 1 x dvd -rw The errors I get with BSoD: 0x0000007F (0x0000000D, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) 0x000000D1 (0x00000035, 0x00000007, 0x00000000, 0x00000035) 0x000000D1 (0x01E97C85, 0x0000000A, 0x00000000, 0xF737A6C6) atapi.sys adress F737A6C6 base at F7378000 datastamp 41107b4d 0x000000D1 (0x01000000, 0x00000007, 0x00000001, 0x86AA200F) 0x000000D1 (0x00556328, 0x00000007, 0x00000001, 0xF6A9C8E0) nv4_mini.sys adress F6A9C8E0 bate at F6A5D000 datestamp 453bddb2 When: I get this error when browsing normal windows. I never get it when playing games. Extra info: I already formatted my hd a while ago, but that didn't fix the problem. I have programs like windowblinds and TopDesk running, but disabling them doesn't seem to help either. I did a lot of NOD32, errorkiller and registry scans. none seems to help! Anyone who can help, please do! Thank you in advance, Sars!
  15. Damns, Mine is not customized Anyone could pm me how to customize without taking too much speed? At least I'm proud of my Office 2007! Amagad! And my ps2 emulator... Link Grtz, Please do not post full sized screenshots. --Zxian
  16. Thanx a lot! Though I still got some problems... My htpasswd file contains this: Which should be: But if you test it here: Click Here To Test It doesn't work! Anyone please help me! Grtz, Sars!
  17. I make websites with photoshop. Which I transfer to imageready, which I save as html + images which I add text with dreamweaver... Simple as that! Though my question needs an answer, a simple one!
  18. Maybe you should blend the render in, make the text smaller,... Too many problems with it! Though I rate 3/10 for the work
  19. Sars!

    My sigs!

    w00tw00t! Though I do less sigs and more website design at the moment... Maybe I'm getting back in to this... Anyone wants a sig?
  20. Ok, I don't know any coding s***, I only do design... So, maybe a little bit more detailed? I don't understand anything!
  21. This game is teh pwn! Though I heard lots of people experiencing problems with it. First person rpg The Might and Magic universe dates all the way back to 1986. In those 20 years, we've seen plenty of different games on plenty of different platforms, but most of them have fallen squarely into the turn-based strategy or role-playing sectors. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, from Ubisoft and Arkane Studios, doesn't really fall into either of those categories. Like Arkane's previous game, Arx Fatalis, this is a first-person game. But Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is extremely light on the role-playing, instead focusing its energy on sword-swinging, magic-fireball-shooting action. Unfortunately, the action gets repetitive quickly, and the game's often-transparent storyline doesn't pick up any of the slack. Dark Messiah puts you in the boots of a guy named Sareth. Sareth's an orphan that's been working as an apprentice under a wizard named Phenrig, and the game opens with a tutorial, where the wizard tells you how to get around as you attempt to grab a large crystal with magical properties. After learning the fine arts of sword fighting, rope climbing, and crate kicking, the wizard sends you out into the world to bring the crystal to another wizard, who has some big plans for it. But you don't go alone. Before you leave, the boss sticks you with a lady named Xana, who is some kind of guardian creature who lives inside your head. This lets her act as the game's Cortana, speaking to you frequently and acting as the game's "what should I do next?" device. The difference between Xana and Cortana, though, is that Xana's quips are too frequent and immediately annoying. The storyline unfolds almost immediately thanks to some specific details that are revealed in the manual and opening pre-rendered video sequence about the prophecy that drives the entire story. It's odd that a game could slip what amount to spoilers into the first 45 minutes of gameplay, but it's really quite transparent, and it's very easy to see where this roughly 15-hour adventure is going. You're given a couple of different choices later on in the game that will dictate which ending you'll see, but they're all disappointingly unsatisfying. At its core, Dark Messiah is an action game. There are enemies to deal with, and you can take them out with a few different weapon types. Swords do the most damage, though daggers can be powerful if you can sneak up behind enemies and backstab them. The staff isn't as powerful or as fast as the sword, but it knocks enemies over, making it well suited for crowds, in theory. When using a sword, you can also equip a shield, which lets you block arrows. If you want to reach out and kill someone, the game has bows for your use, as well. You can also learn magic spells over the course of the game, starting with the basics like telekinesis and flame arrow, which is a fire spell that does very little damage. The later spells are more damaging and useful, but they don't scale, so that useless flame arrow spell is always useless. You learn spells and other skills by spending skill points, which are earned by completing objectives. Skill points can be spent in three different categories, and some skills branch off of other skills, so you'll have to increase your endurance before you can increase your attack power. There aren't very many choices for character customization here, but you can try to specialize in magic, stealth, strength, or some combination of the three. Considering that most of the spells in the game aren't all that useful (heal is easily your best bet for most-used spell) and that stealth is never a requirement, spending points to make your physical attacks stronger, while also spending points to increase your mana reserves for frequent healing, feels like the best way to go. The game tosses so many health and mana-restoring items at you that you probably don't have to go all out in that direction, either. The combat in Dark Messiah is a little deeper than the average first-person shooter's melee attacks. When wielding a weapon, you can tap the mouse button for fast, weak swipes. But you can also execute power strikes by holding down the attack button and a movement direction. Each direction gives you a slightly different-looking attack, but the real bonus is that the power strikes do more damage and usually stagger blocking enemies. As you swing, an adrenaline meter charges up, and when it's full, a power strike will instantly kill an enemy, complete with a few unique and gory death animations, such as beheadings. But in many cases, attacking with your weapons or even your magic spells isn't the quickest way to take care of business. The soldiers, orcs, ghouls, and other creatures you'll face in the game really like to stand near large cliffs and spiked walls, or under rickety wooden lofts filled with heavy barrels. You have a kick attack that is a little too good at kicking guys off of cliffs or into those spiked walls, either of which is an instant kill. The lofts are usually held up by shaky wooden planks, so a swipe of any weapon will crush their supports, sending the barrels tumbling down onto your enemies and killing them. With all of these powerful options at your disposal, fighting enemies in Dark Messiah feels more like a minor annoyance. In some spots, it'll be more efficient to just run past groups of zombies, and since enemies don't drop useful items or give you any sort of experience or skill points, you usually won't miss anything by doing so. But you will occasionally stumble onto some larger enemies, like a big cyclops or a dragon. Those fights can be a little more involved, but the artificial intelligence makes even these guys relatively easy to best. [i]Source: Gamespot.com[/i] Screenshots: My own made wallpaper: Greetings, Sars!
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    Ahhh, I went to smaller sigs, as you can see... The last one is my latest one. Though, I know you guys can't see whole the guy, but meh. I think it looks great THanx for your comments, guys, I really appreciate it! Greetings, Sars!
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    I remember me coming here as a photoshop noob. I learned a lot here and I'm very thankfull for it Please Rate + CC! Greetings, Sars!
  24. How can I integrate a popup in my website, which asks the people for an username and password, before they can continue? It looks like this: Username: Password: Remember Password Greetings Sars! ps: Whooow, that's a while ago since I came here!
  25. I just downloaded it and started to play... Some things are user-unfriendly though. Like you need to type the name of a weapon to swith to it next round but wathever, nive game for being free!

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