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  1. Oops!.. sorry... I will...

    In topic W98se updates.. It seems that a few of the folks who worked on building the original W98's are still evolving their baby... Maybe a few die hards who just can't let their Precious fade into oblivion..? Does anybody have links to their project websites?.. namely for their latest experimental registry updates...

    Who is it who is built this "W98se unofficial updater"?.. and what is the link to their latest ongoing breakthroughs?..

    Excuse me KingArthur,

    This may be arriving a little late to do you any good, but; if you go to http://www.free-av.com/ and download their FREE version of AntiVir by Avira you may set the autodownload OFF and only have it run when you want or even set it to run when you are asleep.

    I have a question for those of this forum on the UnOfficialWin98SE_SPx.x.x, what if I have installed the 98SE2ME software? Will the Updater for Win98SESP still be needed or do I need to use one for ME? Plus I am considering the Win98SE2XP but will be much farther down the road as I just installed the 98SE2ME about 2 hours ago and am very pleased with these results.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  2. Excuse me, as a 'Newby/Dummy-azoid' I am still working with TrainingWheels attached. I have had my Win98SE v4.10.2222A since Dec, 1998, I think anyway. Did my own install and maintenance with only needing to reinstall once because of my own ERROR and could not get my system back up, that was in about Oct, 2005. After finding the UnOfficial_Win98SE_SP2.1a and installing that have had even less of a problem.

    Now my AntiVir Software by Avira v7.x has detected two files as possible Trojans, TR/Dldr.Stration.I, they are CRLUPD.EXE and ROOTSUPD.EXE. I was informed by the Forum for AntiVir that there was an update out on the CRLUPD.EXE on Mircrosoft and I downloaded same, size 125Kbytes while the one with your update program is only 45Kbytes. It seems there was an error done by Verisign, "MS01-017: Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard" to quote from the µSoft website. Take a read of this:


    I have to go back and check for the other file ROOTSUPD.EXE for an update.

    Just thought I would pass this on, not sure if this has ever been see before, have spent the morning looking for possible entries on this topic, finally gave up and decided to post this info.

    I aplogize if it has been here before

  3. hp38guser,

    Edited by NativeTexan:

    "Excuse me for getting the incorrect name on my previous post, thank you for reading even though it was addressing another. Was just in too large a hurry to post and overlooked which one I was addressing."

    I had understood that from the link addy for the download. Plus the wording on your webpage gave me another hint. Not a problem just was wondering. Now I will just await the next release so I can take advantage of your great work as well as the other contributors as listed in the LAgreement you have to accept.

    Being Retired and on a fixed income with approx. $25,000 USD medical bills to pay off it may take me some time to be able to support you and the others financially but it will happen, I hope within your life time as well. A little stretch of the truth but willing when thingys get a little easier to survive.

    Thank you for that repy and reading my posts,

  4. Gape was Last Active Yesterday, 11:03 AM

    I think he is busy right now. However the project is documented very well thanks also to other members. It shouldn't be too hard to start working on a update.


    Do you have an English version to this page?

    Quote from your post #243 above:

    "Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack 2.0.3 NL

    The best your OS can get. More fixes, less trouble. Go check it out!"

    I have enough trouble reading and understanding my own language without having to go through some translator dictionary. I have been using the UnOffical Win98SE SP 2.1 until I found the 2.1a and now have that one since about April of this year. Being only a USER of any system and not really into doing any digging into any of the programming or troubleshooting problems, except my own and those that I cause. I do like this idea of someone putting out a SP for Win98SE and have attempted to promote it to anyother user of Win98SE without SPAMMING them.

  5. Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    I have only one request at this time and that is PLEASE keep the UnOffical Win98SE SPxxx going from now on. I do not like the other O/Ss that have been put out by Micorsoft after Win98SE. Actually I would like to change over to Linux except my system is too old to run any of the later versions so I am STUCK.

    I do like the Logos that came with UnOffical Win98SE SP2.1a that I have installed. I like them so well that I am using the closing down window for my DeskTop so when any other boots my system it looks as though it is closing down.

    When I finally hit the Texas Lotto, becuse I have now been struck by lightening twice in the last 25 years, maybe there will be better support from this location. As it stands now I can only add verbage and not very well at that.

    CU L8R,


    Win98SEP v4.10.2222a/w UnOffical SP2.1a on AMD-K6 II 400Meg, Mozilla FireFox v1.5.0.2, PegasusMail v 4.31 (Win32), Dec 14 2005 and mostly protecting software.

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