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  1. NativeTexan,

    Please DO NOT install the Microsoft Security Updates Cd. That thing installs some outdated stuff and changes the version of 98SE so some newer updates (and programs) won't recognize the proper version of Windows so will refuse to install.

    That was one of the reasons it was discontinued a long time ago.

    The auto-patcher gives you the working updates without the obsolete stuff. And all the latest available security fixes as well.


    Thank you for this advice, I do NOT have the MSSecUpdt CD so that is not a problem for me. I may not be on here very often as I am working on another "PutToGetherFromManyOtherPutToGegthers" and 'SomeCanibalizedSystems', they are in the range of approximately 6 -7 years old. PLUS, attempting to do some other work on this one without crashing it so I can still get on the web.

    I am NOT sophisticated enough to have any updated software on a CD, all of mine are OEMs at about 7 - 8 years old. The only thingys I have are downloaded from the web. At this time NOT really sure what I have to install, that will be worked out later.

    Thank you for everythingy and will be back very seldom for maybe the next 3-4 weeks or maybe even a month or two,

  2. Edited by NT > > Removal of double post. I had started to post my message and decided to add some and hit the ESC key before the message had left my screen. Did not know that would happen, I apologize.


    Why anybody should spent time creating such a service pack when there is Gape's Unofficial Service Pack tested by thousands of people?

    Softpedia shows 457,584 downloads

    Major Geeks: 585,987 downloads

    Freeware Files: 83,871 downloads

    Do you think that it is not tested well and people should instal, older files with more bugs instead?



    If I may step in here with some questions? I know you were not responding to my post, but; are all of the Patches from Microsoft for Win98SE and IE v6.0.xx to bring those up to date in there? Will the fact that I have MDGx's 98SE2ME, 98WMP10 and 98SE2XP as well as Gape's UnOfficalWin98SE_SP2.1A installed on my system - - will the downloading, if I can get my friend to do it for me, and installation of the AutoPatch cause problems because it has WMP v9.0? Or any other updates that I have installed already be effected by this large file? I am not concerned about if it has been tested or if any other install has been a problem. My system is not like the other installs so if that could be a problem that is mine to deal with as my system is NOT the same as any other.

    Being a Novice makes problems for me, as well as you because we ask DUMB questions. The number of downloads is impressive, but; is not really a factor in what I have been asking about.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  3. If I may jump in here with a little different perspective on this issue? I am on a dialup and the 180meg file for the AutoPatcher is approximately a 6-7hour or more download. Just a bit more than one can handle on this slow type of connection. Am working out a deal with a friend to maybe download a copy over his dsl hook-up.

    I would like that idea of doing a full update of all patches for Win98SE then have selectable or choices of doing other patches after my system is fully patched. I have not done all of the patches that were put out by Microsoft as my copy of IE would not work all of the time and Mozilla Firefox would not do for any updates. As it stands now I have only about 3 or 4 patches done and have IE v6.0 /w SP1 and internet tools with a couple of patches installed. Attempting to find all that is needed is a daunting task, especially for a NOVICE and not really sure how to gain these patches nor which ones or how many. I have done some that were IDed as for Windows 98 (FE) and had some problems with my system, they were supposed to have worked on both FE and SE. I removed them and my problems went with them.

    Besides, I do not want nor need WMPlayer v9.0 as I have installed 98SEWMP10/w 98SE2XP on my system and all are working well together. I understand there is an enormous amount of work involved, not being a programmer, just made some feeble attempts to learn on my own and that is much more than I can handle at this time. The software world is changing too fast for a slow learner to even think about learning how to program. By the time you are into the basics it is 10 years old and the software is updated daily, weekly, monthly and at times hourly.

    Hopefully one day I will be able to help support some of these ventures, 'til then I can only be an IDEA person or moral support and do some spreading of the word of what you and others are doing from this site.

    I do wish to thank each and everyone that produce these products for doing this work. If it were not for your GREAT production of this software I, for one, would not be able to be on the net. All I have to work with are cannibalized equipment that is from about 6-10 years old. I have pieced together from many different computers to make what I am using. If I can do anythingy to assist in testing, working with as a NOVICE, to help in any way to make this even more successful, I am here. Not on this site everyday as I am working on learning more about what I have and what I can do with it. When there is a post to just a couple of these threads that I have subscribed to for e-mail notifications, I check to see what is there.

    If you did not gleen my VOTE for the OfficalUPDate/wPatches for Win98SE, then it is here.

    This is getting too long, Happy Holidays with a Joyous and Prosperous New Year to all,

  4. OK! Folks,

    "HELP ! ! I need my "X-Teq SetUp" to go over my TWEAKS."

    I finally solved my problem with my X-SetUp v6.6.3Final as it is listed on my system. These little, HA, additional programs, "98SE2ME", "98MP10/w 98SE2XP" have made my system work so well and improved the performance so much. Well that is what turned out to be my problem, had become accustomed to the improvements and it was just taking 'X-SetUp' a little longer to read all of the plug-ins that would be used now. Like about 1 - 1.5 min. Task-manager was reporting it as [Not Responding] and I would close it down. Well I finally just waited and allowed it to run for about 5 - 7 min., I took a break. When I had returned it had finished and was up and doing just what it is supposed to be doing, awaiting on my input. Whew!! Had me a little upset, scared, worried that it would not work any longer. My system is so slow it took much longer than I thought it should. On all of my startings of X-SetUp after that initial one it is running normal, reads all of the plug-ins in about 10 - 15 sec.

    Edited by NativeTexan > Last sentence above. Thank you.

    All is well again, and thank you for reading my posts and all of the input,

  5. Excuse me IF I may here?

    Why discuss what is in any of these install programs, or whether it should or should not be there? How much of a hassle would it be to make a list of those programs or features placed in a selectable list for install by the USER?

    So far the only way I know what is to be installed is to run the program and allow it to do it's thingy, thank goodness there have been UN-Installs in MDGx's programs otherwise I would be in rather deep by now.

    May I make a suggestion to those of you that are providing this GREAT software for us to use? That is could there be a slight description included with any updates that are posted for download? What group of users that may like to use the features you are providing? I am a very NOVICE user (note USER only) and I downloaded a ~10.9meg file this morning to find it is far too far over my head in what it is for that I cannot install it at this time. Useless download . . MSDAC; SQL; MSD; JET; and many other that seem to be a little bit of an over kill for me as a simple USER.

    If I am incorrect then I will stand corrected.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  6. I have no idea if I need this patch.

    What is MD Data Access Component Update 1.2 and who needs to update it?


    From what I can see this is not for just anyone, mostly for those that are programmers or creators of software to be used on MS Windows.

    Which means I am not a user of this type of software, spent the entire morning attempting to download this patch and it's use is far to far over my head. There may be some use for somethingy in there, but; that download was not necessary for myself.

    If I am not completely correct on this then correct me and tell us what it actually will do for NOVICE users.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  7. Snip snip

    I am using the same browser download seems to work fine, in firefox goto Tools then Options then click on the content tab. You will see enable java and enable javascript put a tick in each box and click ok. You might need to close firefox and rerun it for the changes to take place. Then try to download again, if it is successful untick the same two boxes until you need java/script again



    Thank you for this reply it is just for some reason my system is not connecting, installing, operating, whatever to my benefit. I have been using FF for many years along with Java, enabled, for some unknown reason it is not working for me now.

    I finally have IE six doing my download for me at this time, Java started to work in IE and I started a download. Well it died and I had to close down IE and restart and the download is working at this time, rather sssllloooowwly but is working. FF has been giving me this problem for some time and it has been enabled all along. Maybe I need to uninstall FF and reinstall to get them to work together.

    I keep Java enabled all of the time because I do considerable downloading, I like to 'try-out' different software and let friends and relatives know how they work. Maybe I will need to change back to IE for a short and give FF a rest.

    My download is working at this time, my modem icon is flashing that there is activity even while creating this mess.

    OscarDog, I do thank you for this reply it is very kind of you.

    Thank you for reading my posts,

  8. "maximus-decim,"

    Excuse me, but; I have the latest Java, Mozilla FireFox v1.5.0.8 on my system, and the Java is enabled and I am getting an ERROR message that 'Java need be Enabled to continue,' or words to that effect anyway.

    I am just a USER not very techy when it comes to the software. On Win98SE2ME&98MP10/w98SE2XP all installed on my system. Oh yea, am on a dialup do you have any alternate location to do a download?

    Maybe I should be using IEv6.0SP1, but; that one is giving me problems of being very sssllllooooowwww and gives me the infamous Unable to load that page. Still looking for missing updates and secrurity patches, have not identified all that I need, have not done any of them because IE has not been a priority for me as I use FF for my primary browser.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  9. Thank you for this information, would I need to un-install the copy of "98SE2ME" that I presently have on my system? I do not have the "98SE2MP10" installed, have been using just the MP v9.0.
    There is no such thing as 98SE2MP10.

    If you are referring to 98SEMP10...

    98SE2ME is completely different than 98SE2XP or 98SEMP10 or 98MP10.

    Please see the readme text files for details on what each one does:









    HTH [Hope This Helps]

    This is a result of NOT knowing what I am talking about nor knowing the names of these files. Yes, you are so very correct and I have done that, referenced those locations and now have thingys in control. I have figured out what I had done wrong and corrected that. After re-reading the install instructions several times it became clear and all is under control to charge forward.

    I did an now have installed the "98MP10" that includes the MPlayer v10 and "98SE2XP".

    I also wish to thank you for taking the time out of your day to respond to my DUMB question. If I had just read and re-read several times it would have been alright, I did not and posted that stupid question. Most of the time you probably can answer my questions by saying, "read the instructions, read the instructions, read the instructions, and when you are done read the instructions." Unfortunately I am one of those that needs the instructions on the bottom of the heal to be able to clear any liquid inside of my boot. If you know what I mean!

    Thank you so very much for reading and taking the time to send me a message,

  10. Snip snip nippity nip nip,


    I have just released the new unified 98MP10 [installs all files from 98SE2XP + 98SEMP10]:


    So no need to install 98SE2XP nor 98SEMP10 = they are both obsolete now.



    Thank you for this information, would I need to un-install the copy of "98SE2ME" that I presently have on my system? I do not have the "98SE2MP10" installed, have been using just the MP v9.0.

    My main problem has been the IE v6.0 SP1/w Internet Tools will not download most of the updates needed for IE or Win98SE.

    I too thank you for this post and "soporific" for his post as well, check my e-mail two or three times aday while attempting to do a little (cough, hack) reading?

    Thank you for reading my post,

  11. Soporific,

    Thank you for this reply and for looking into some of these difficulties I am having. I have just about given-up on making these installs for IEv6.0 and the others for Win98SE so I can get the "98SE2XP" installed. Have considered just staying with the "98SE2ME" because of those problems. My system is so old and slow that these more modern, HA, HA, versions of these softwares and updates from Microsoft are such a HASSEL to complete, for one, and more of a hassel to download from Microsoft. When Mozilla FireFox is so much better, faster, more, secure, tabbing, etceteras.

    I know you people are working with Microsoft software and are keeping it updated for us and I do appreciate this as I am one of those that is stuck in 'limbo' and cannot afford to acquire a faster, stronger, more efficient, better computer or the software.

    When I finally win the Lotto, cannot afford that either, I will be out of your hair and into better everythingy.

    Thank you for your efforts and reading my posts,

  12. Greetings Jaqie,

    My only reason for posting was to let others know of how to regain the one, "MetaPad," that came with the last version of 'UnOfficialWin98SE_SP2.1A'.

    My favorite is 'EditPad' by JGSOFT website http://www.EditPadLite.com and is FREE. Will open any size file and any number of files using TABS like FireFox.

    I would also like to apologize for the posting I did in the Introduce yourself threading. At that time I had so much on my mind that I was not thinking straight. If there are any specifics you wish to address let me know and we may discuss this. You may send me a PM if you would prefer.

    And still have a need to get back to that project of updating my system so I can attempt the "98SE2XP" again as it did not work correctly the first time.

    I do send you my APOLOGY and wish you all of the happyness over the coming Holidays,

  13. Greetings,

    If I may add my $0.02 worth of information?

    I am not like some of the other members or supporters, retired, on a fixed income, Medical bills to chock a herd of elephants. It is very restrictive when it comes to my favorite past time, keeping Win98SE running to the best of my abilities. My abilities are still learning to be a USER, have been trained by the School of Hard Knocks, make it crash and learn how to regain the hi-ground and working again. Some of the info I have been able to pick-up has been from forums such as this one, CastleCops, Geek.Com, Net-Integration, AntiVir, Wilders, SaferNetworking, X-SetUp (X-Teq SetUp at one time.) and several other.

    Cannot afford to keep up with all of the latest technology, hardware or software, will be in LIMBO for the remainder of my life is how thingys are going for me at this time. Unless I can hit the LOTTO, that is another expense that is on hold until these Medical bills are under control.

    NO, I am not looking for sympathy nor donations, simple fact of life that there are some of us that are here on a shoe-string budget, meaning it is not very flexable at this time. Hopefully one day thingys will improve, until then I send my largest THANK YOU to those that have so graciously provided this life saving, computer saving, any other type of saving you can think of that would help can be included.

    I use TEXT ONLY no html that is why the THANK YOU is only in caps.

    Thank you for reading my post,

    P.S. One other point for you to consider, you cannot make anythingy "fool proof because we fools are too creative," if you would like a "fool" to do some testing for you just send me a note or PM. Would be very happy to assist if I can, NOT a programmer, Geek-a-zoid, Techy, etceteras. Just a very curious animal and willing to take chances to see what I can learn.

    Now Happy Holidays, thank you for reading my post,

  14. PFE is ok i just prefer metapad because it doesnt have as much stuff i dont need.

    how is life as a mod


    I completely agree with you on the MetaPad and PFE is TOO much. Besides the Font style and size are very restrictive in PFE.

    I went back and re-ran the UnOfficialWin98SE_SP2.1a and unchecked every item and then checked MetaPad for install. Voila!! MetaPad is back again, and I plan on saving the full list of files in a protected area just incase some other program replaces it again.

    Just an IDEA 4U 2 try,

  15. "Eck,"

    There may have been an update that was not installed, is very correct. NO, I have not gone to Microsoft for all of the updates, just the ones I felt were important to my system and situation. YES, there are probably some, or many, that should have been installed. That is the next project to work on, do I follow instructions fully, well maybe then maybe not then sometimes, it depends on what state of mind I at the time. If confussed by all of the data to read about this, that, the other, then maybe, or maybe not, then again it may have something to do with if you have, excuse me for this, just wanted to show how confused one can become when you only know one type of system and not really very good @ that. The "School of Hard Knocks" will leave scars if you are not careful, and that is why I may have to change my UserName to SCARS. NO formal training on these systems have only gone through the "School of Hard Knocks" to get where I am today, that is not very far either.

    If you would like to know more about me, read the "Introduce Youself!" as that is the most complete description.

    Have had some other problems with my system and have not, yet, done any of the removal. Wanted to solve my other problems first. That done, now, I am back to reading and well you know.

    Thankyou for this post of yours, that will be checked first before the roll-back,

  16. MDGx,

    It is begaining to look as though "98SE2XP" is going to have to GO bye bye . . . my system is just too old to do this. My mouse is non-responsive @ times, everythingy I do takes much more time to either bring up prgrams such as 'PFE', any time I click on 'Start' each Icon slowly will be displayed and it takes a very long time if you have many programs on your system. This did not take place before the install of '98SE2XP' so that is going to have to be removed. Or I may have picked up a 'keylogger' when attempting to download some files from sites I do not normally use.

    I thank everyone on this Forum for all of the patients and HELP that I have received. I now will be doing some more reading to see what to do about this removal so will not be here for maybe 1-2-3 or 4 days. Have some very deep reading to get done and reverting back on my software.

    Thank you for reading this and have a GREAT time until I return,

  17. "Eck,"


    Enough of this reading my eyes are getting or have gotten tired of this . . . Just KIDDING!!!!

    Thank you for this information and as I had stated before, "for being patient with me" as I attempt to learn more about what you, or the creators of these addons, adjustments, so good protectors, etceteras, now you have me doing it, reading and creating reading for others.

    Have a couple of questions 4 U or anyone that can give this 'Dummy-a-zoid, Novice-a-zoid, Non-Geek-a-zoid, etceteras,' how do you set the 'WordWrap' in this "PFE" that comes with the "*2XP" cannot find it.

    Edited by NT to update the version vvvvvvv of 'X-Teq SetUp' below . . .

    I also have "X-Teq's Setup v6.6.3.00 Final1" the for FREE one that they so graciously provided when they went PURCHASE and I have not been able to do that yet. The copy I have will not run on my system with both the "98SE2ME" and "98SE2XP" intalled, now prior to installing *2XP it did work. Is there an update to that version that is available FREE? Have had their Tweaker on my system for many years and do like what they are providing. When I first made an attempt to run it this morn it came up with a ERROR message "E1" and I followed their instructions to run the "DCXSPCompReg.exe" file and I did. It will start up and loads the program, but; never stops readiing the 'PlugIns', have to use the "TaskMan" to KILL it.

    HELP ! ! I need my "X-Teq SetUp" to go over my TWEAKS.

    Thank you for reading all of my posts and answering them, I have even forgotten where all I have made posts so I will attempt to confine myself to this thread and Halt reading any others so I do not post in so many places, there I go again, creating more reading and more - - - FORGET IT!!!!

    "I thought I knew that I knew what I thought,

    but; now I know what I thought I knew isn't

    what I know I think I thought I knew . . ."

    Author UnKnown

  18. This is the second (or third) response I have made to you regarding this question. It is best to check threads that you post to in order to see if someone has answered your questions.

    snip snip

    So, yes you can install the Service Pack. Just run the 98SE2ME batch shortcut on your start menu again (with the Windows Me cd in your first cd drive once again) to reapply the Windows Me file versions after installing the Unofficial Service Pack.

    I'm surprised that you made no attempt to read the provided readme that appears when running 98SE2ME. If you had, you would have been provided with answers to most of your questions. Before going any further I suggest you take a few minutes to read it. A shortcut to it is on the start menu under the 98SE2ME program folder.


    I have been reading so many "README" files about so many different programs and am now suffering from 'CRS' because of all the different files. Confused and lost totally, I just finished the "*2XP" as well and find the defenition on my screen has become much better.

    Other forums I hold membership that use this same software keeps the selection of 'Enable email notifcation of replies?' and I just neglected to check that box each time I have posted. I just noticed it was unchecked in the thread and have re-checked again. Noticed the forum management has changed the sig file length to only "4 lines" and have had to add my sig again.

    Thank you for being patient with me and I will watch that more closely,

  19. For those that have the funds, then need, the intellegance, training, or whatever to keep up with Microsoft and their continued updates then so be it. For the rest of us that are trapped in limbo with Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinMe, NT, XP, 2K, 2K3, or whatever you are happy with then so be it again. I, for one, like working with somethingy I have done some learning on and know a little about and can keep it running without having to reinstall every year, 6 months or whatever you are having to do it. AS my system stands there has been only one re-format and re-install of Win98SE, since Dec. 1998 not saying there have not been other crashes, but; they were recoverable.

    I thank those that are doing this site, and "98SE2ME" and any other they are working with because I plan on testing, testing, testing, well you get the picture.

    My postings will have to be plain jane without any flowers, bells or whistles as I use text only and if I do any capitalizations to accent any word there has been the threat that I will be banned, so be it if that is what the powers to be want. I do not flame, but they probably will think this is a flame and no matter what I say or do will make no difference, so be it.

    I enjoy reading and posting to some of these forums, Croatia does not like me and I will have to go when they tell me so.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  20. You would be surprised how many people still know about vacuum tube electronics.

    Ah, the grand old DG. I remember seeing one in the college near where I grew up, they still had it running as of 2001, managing the dialup ISP somehow.

    You have a K6-2 400... yikes. I don't think I would ever want one of those again... I think the oldest AMD I could stand running would be a duron now... however I have a few PIII based boxes here (mostly duallies).

    Why don't you get an upgrade? just curious... not suggesting top of the line, maybe a nice PIII-933 with 256MB or such. They go for under $100 or so complete on craigslist now.


    Oh, and Welcome! :)

    Jackie, er "jaqie?,"

    When you are retired, cannot get by with the original tires, so trying the used ones for awhile, BAG!!! (by the way that means "BigA____Grin" so you don't think I am trying to call you a not so good name.) With a fixed income and MedicalBills to choke a herd of elephants cannot afford even used equipment have to scrounge for NOT used any at all any more.

    Are you out of diappers YET? You must have been reading many books, KID, because semiconductors have been around longer than you. Especially the minature glass tubes or "acorn tubes" as they were known back then. Oh yea, that first radio was built in about 1947 using a drawing from a book printed in about 1938.

    Actually my system is OVERclocked to 400, it is actually a 350 and it runs faster and better than some I have seen that are running at a mucy faster clock, because those that own or operating those faster systems do not know how to improve them. Plus keeping an old old old system gives me a chance to work with it and see what I can do with it, at this time am running "98SE2ME" from MDGx and plan on maybe moving up to "98SE2XP" to see how that works.

    I would tell you about my CPU room, but; cannot find it because of all of the STUFF that is stored in there. There are about nine non-operational cannibalized systems/w two that I have not even openned yet, one is a Macintosh/or maybe it should be called an APPLE, but; it is black (over ripe) scarred to open that one.

    Because of my past and all of the equipment I have worked on and repaired I like to work on items not touched before my me. Completely foreign and UNKNOWN/wo even a drawing nor schematic, would like one or the other but cannot find any. Know any place like Sam's Photofacts that had drawings on everythingy? Would sure like to find a place like that.


    When you read some of my posts you may think I am on a PMS trip 2 as well again! But, that is just ME2 and if you become offended by any of my POSTS, then deal with IT!!! I like to tease and joke with people and the English Language is the best to mess with. There are soooo many words that have many many many meanings and can be taken in soooomany different ways. DEAL WITH IT GIRLY!! I will probably get into trouble with some on this FORUM before long, I seem to get under someone's skin with even A SIMPLE, "HI how you doing?" AND I just may look for your posts just to give you some greef or maybe just to be NICE to you when you are on one of your PMS trips or whatever you may have going.

    Enough, as you can tell from this I am NOT a writttter just LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG winded,

    P.S. Thank you for the WELCOME and THE SAME 2 U as you are new here as swell, ByCYCLE!!!


    I used sooo much time in making that last post the system dropped me out of line and had to close down all systems, not a re-boot though, and start my dialer over and relogin. I am a little slow when it comes to postingsss.

    Thank you 4 reading my posts as well again 2,

  21. Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    I am a Retired ElectronicsJourneyman/w approx. 60 years experience in working electronic equipment. I built my first radio when I was about 8 years old out of miniture glass tubes, which most of you probably do not even know about. Approx. 1974 started working with some MainFrame computers by DataGeneral (19" frame mounted) later, about 1986 started working with IBM compatable desktops and have NOT had any formal training, only the School of Hard Knocks. Have had this system here at home since Dec, 1998 with only one major crash that I could not recover in August, 2005 there was a reload of my O/S, Win98SE v4.10.2222A and the only time. Started out with a 8.4 gig H/D and now have two and one at 3.2 gig. Just completed the install of "98SE2ME" this morning, have had the "UnOfficialWin98SE_SP2.1A" on here for about 1 year, maybe started out with a earlier version just updated it in March this year. My sig has most of what there is here and I enjoy working with this system learning as much as possible.

    The last 10 years before I retired was involved with Calibration Determinations for the PMEL (PrecisionMeasurementEquipmentLaboratory) for the US AirForce Type II Lab in SanAntonio, Texas. Plus was SystemManager for the PAMS (PMEL AutomatedManagementSystem) MiniMainFrame computer and was responsible for system security as well as the installation of the 36 dumb terminals throughout the Base.

    I think that is enough of me,

  22. MDGx,

    I have just finished the install of 98SE2ME and find it very easy to install and feel the back-up is not really required, at least for my system. I spent about 2 days reading your file READMEFirst.txt and attempted to follow it as best as possible, there is so much information there that it is a little over-whelming. I might suggest you may need to tag/tab/seperate the different areas for the different possible selections for those that either do not need or don't care about some of those features so they can be identified easily and we could Copy/Paste what we need for our systems into seperate files for study purposes. That would HELP in making our decision on what to install and what is not needed.

    One question, for keeping this system updated and protected to the MAX is the UnOfficialWin98SE_SP still good for this system and will there be a SP4ME as well?

    Thank you for reading my post,

  23. "To safely hack the Registry to permanently remove those funky little shortcut arrows, without adversely affecting your program shortcuts in any way, start Regedit and go to:


    and to:


    In each of these folders the right hand pane has the "IsShortcut" String Value. Right-click on it, select Rename, and change it to read "IsNotShortcut" (no quotes).

    Close Regedit and reboot.

    The arrows are gone now, but Windows still sees all the affected icons as shortcuts and treats them accordingly. :)"

    Will this approach work better.

    If I may? This is not an advertisement, but; http://www.xteq.com/misc/members/ has the BLACKBELT of tweaking software and it runs on Win98 up through 2003 and that is one of the features you may adjust to your satisfaciton. They have over 1700 points you may tweak away.

    Thank you for reading my post,

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