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  1. NEW question concerning this problem, how might I create a NEW key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\ ? I have the Installer key as Missing-in-no-action and need to place one along with App Management and System.

    So far all attempts at creating an action in the Right Pane and I need this in the Left one.

    Thank you for reading my desperate Poster,

    EDited by NativeTexan >> Excuse me, the DUMMY has done a NEW thingy and read some information found on the MicroSoft website that explains this procedure and have done just what I had requested.

    Unknowingly they provided the info I was needing on this site:


    by scrolling down to these instructions:

    Windows Messenger 4.5 or later versions on a Windows XP Home Edition-based computer or on a Windows XP Professional-based computer

    reading the third line of those instructions:

    3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click Key. Type Messenger for the name of the new registry key, and then press ENTER.

    Vola!! I am now the DUMMY's Dummy . . .

  2. Just as some added information on my problem, after attempting to install the Quicken program I have gone in and used a tool they have provided with the install called MSIZap.exe which runs in DOS and is supposed to remove any leftover parts of the install program, NOT, it still pops up that NAG window and then disappears without doing a D___ thing, excuse me getting to be a bit frustrating. Also have run another of their little clean up programs titled QCleanUi.exe and that still has not solved the problem of the NAG window for the Installer.


    Thanks to your information about Microsoft's site with the info on the Registry file format I am becoming more DANGEROUS to my self and I like that part. If I can just remember to NOT do any of that area unless NEEDED!!

  3. Mr. Geek,

    Have checked into those links and so far NOT very much HELP. The one to Quicken I have been to before and those instructions do not solve my problem. The one to Microsoft has much info about the Policies and some good explanations as to what all entries mean, none of that seems to be on my system in the Registry. Have checked the Permissions to many of the areas that info is placed and my Access Name did not have Full Control, I made the changes to that and still will not load. Still have this information box popping up titled "Windows Installer" with "Preparing to install . ." then it goes away, still, with nothing taking place. Cannot find what is triggering that action.

    I do wish to Thank YOU very much for that information as I have learned much about where things are stored and kept in the registry along with where to find if my access has permission for Full Control in different areas.

    Bottom line is it still is not working for me, anyone else with an idea are very welcome to post here,

  4. https://quicken.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/quicke...hp?p_faqid=2309

    that goes through some general 'check to see if your an admin' junk but does link to http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q227181

    which details the registry keys that can cause this type of behavior. Im assuming this is XP Home because your profile says so -if its XP pro, then a group policy could be affecting the same settings so the fix might be different if you are running XP pro.

    "Geek" or very knowledgeable person, (BAG)

    Thank you for this info, actually the "Exit Code 1625" is what was given and they sent me to, possibly, the same link or very close to that one. You are also correct in H/E not PRO, I attempt to keep my sig up to date. Will check them out ASAP or maybe tomorrow have had other projects that have come up demanding some of my time. That is the story of my life, when I get some HELP with one item I am working on there will be one, two, or many more that come up simultaneously and all demanding more of my time. That never happens to any other, yea rite!!!

    Again thank you for this reply and HELP!!!

  5. Have installed some newer software on my system like Comodo FireWall Pro with Verification Tool and some others. These have not caused any problems.

    Have purchased a copy of Quicken 2007, not from Intuit, and the install gives an Exit Code 1625 that means I do not have proper privileges for installing that software. Also there is a box that keeps popping up titled 'Windows Installer' saying 'Preparing to install' and then it goes away. This may occur several times in a half hour then may not happen again for an hour or two or not at all. When rebooting or starting up for the first time it will show again off and on.

    Anyone have an idea as to where I might look to stop this 'Windows Installer'? I feel this is where my main problem is located for not being able to install Quicken. Have gone to Intuit for some HELP and because it was not purchased from them they will not give any assistance.

    Thank you for reading my PosterProblem,

  6. AAron,

    Is this information the same for XP H/E SP-2? One added question: How would one go about just disabling MS-Messenger so it will not want to access the web?

    Thank you for reading my PosterToaster,

    From WinsuperSite's Windows XP Tips

    It seems that a lot of people are interested in removing Windows Messenger for some reason, though I strongly recommend against this: In Windows XP, Windows Messenger will be the hub of your connection to the .NET world, and now that this feature is part of Windows, I think we're going to see a lot of .NET Passport-enabled Web sites appearing as well. But if you can't stand the little app, there are a couple of ways to get rid of it, and ensure that it doesn't pop up every time you boot into XP. The best way simply utilizes the previous tip:

    If you'd like Windows Messenger to show up in the list of programs you can add and remove from Windows, navigate to C:WINDOWSinf (substituting the correct drive letter for your version of Windows) and open sysoc.inf (see the previous tip for more information about this file). You'll see a line that reads:


    Change this to the following and Windows Messenger will appear in Add or Remove Programs, then Add/Remove Windows Components, then , and you can remove it for good:



  7. XP Home. When Add\Remove is populating the list of programs where does the list come from?

    Is it C:\Program Files?


    Thank you for asking this question, I had been wondering the same. Now I know, thanks to U, if you go to the X-SetUp website and download their TWEAKING software, the BlackBelt of tweakers, they have some features in the over 1700 tweaks that address some of the problems with Add/Remove.

    Edited by NativeTexan > Here is their, X-Teq, website http://www.x-setup.net/ plus some very important information about them at this location http://www.xteq.com/misc/xset_to_xsp.html this second one is about their still supporting the FREE version and is very important for you to read and understand.

    Thank you 4 reading my Poster Toaster,

  8. Hey Folks,

    Live from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    Excuse me for jumping in here head first, I am a recent convert from Win98SE2ME, by MDGx, to this XP HE (high explosive? no HomEdtion). Have many questions and do not know where to start or what to start with. I have created a user account and cannot get my MzFrFx v2.0.0.6 and my E-Mail client, PegasusMail v4.41, to share with my second ego.

    There are so many thingys to muck with and setup along with related software not wanting to work if you disable the wrong item. I also use the X-Setup tweaking software v6.6.3Final1 and have the version of my software displayed on my desktop. That is shown as "Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.061219-0316 (Service Pack 2)", whew, I remember reading somewhere in here this is v5.1 which is not displayed on my desktop. Any reason why that is not there?

    Have read some of the other postings, post toasties, posts, etceteras and just wanted to congratulate all that are responding to our not so well asked questions for giving some very well researched responses along with where they were found. I still have not been able to move all of my links used in Win98SE2ME to this system, that is only part of my work in progress. My learning curve is just straight UP from here and hope the return to normal is not as steep. It could be a full crash for me if it is.

    Thank you for reading my rambling questions,

  9. I had clicked on a link to Mindows Project and after moving through the pages of posts I wished to return to the first message of the thread. Clicked on the #1 for the first page and "Windows XP Gamer's Edition" came up with Mindows Project in the DARK BLUE bar with "Options" to the rite. The link in the addy bar is:


    First message was posted by Aegis May 31 2005, 09:12 PM link:


    They do not seem to match, not in my book. Mindows is supposed to be for Win9x and not for XP.

    Edited by NativeTexan > Oh, I 'C', after going back through most of what I had done the discovery is where I clicked was a link to "Similar Topics" which is printed in BLACK on a very Dark BLUE bar and I did not see those words.

    MY ERROR, helped a little by the 'similar' colors, BAG !

    Sorry for my Mistake,

    Edited again by NativeTexan > "Xper,"

    Excuse me, I was doing the above edit or just missed your post below mine, you are just toooo quick for an OLD Texan. NO, leave it alone it is just fine that way, maybe change the TEXT color from Black to Yellow to show it is a similar topic not a continuation of the same.

    Thank you for reading my posty Toast,

  10. "submix8c,"

    I feel sure that you are aware of the 'WindowsKey' (one/w flag) if pressed will bring up the StatusBar and Press the Start Key automagicly. I also know you are chasing a problem for SopoTerrific so charge on.

    Just to let you know, I will not post here any more, muchly less. Do not want to infrenge on your work because I cannot help in that area, not GeekyEnough. Maybe one day I may have some input, MAYBE!!

    I am not watching this thread any longer need time to try out the FlashGet that I have installed and some other software downloaded over the last month. Been spending too much time responding to forum notifications of POSTS Toasties. Now I need to see if I have been able to learn anythingy from you and venture out on myown for awhile.

    THANKS MUCHLY for all of the info and especially to SopoTerrific for his ongoing work,

  11. "Ripken204 & Xper,"

    #2 instructions were followed by clicking on the "Options" in the upper rite corner of the topic twice and nothing happened. No drop down menu, as I have seen before in other Forums that use this same software, then suddenly all was moved to the top, the bottom of the page came into view. Low and behold there are the selections "Standard" · "Switch to: Linear+" · "Switch to: Outline" with some other. The "Options" is not a drop down menu any longer, now it takes you to the bottom of the page were the selections are available rite out in the open.

    Hey, just so you know that we do appreciate your work and keeping thingys running as smoothly as possible. Could have said, " . . as humanly possible" but do not know if you are just a very smart Computer. HA! HA! BAG!! Just kidding . . .

    Thank you for looking into this and letting me know,

  12. Soporific,

    I am attempting to negotiate a deal with a friend that has a much HyerSped Innet connection than my dialup to download that AutoTerrificPatcher program of yours, 230Meg+64Meg+7Meg is getting to be a bit much for my dialup that runs at 45333Bits/Sec and the downloads are acutally only 5k or less, mostly less than 4k.

    One question (?) will the latest updates to this little progy be posted at the start of this Topic (Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)) or will it be posted in one of your messages? I hope to find it at that very first page where you have some info now.

    Thank you for reading my Posty toaster,

  13. soporific :hello: :

    Edited by NativeTexan for brevity ; snip snip> AVG-Free and ZoneAlarm-Free (last Win9x version still available), I was unable to "pull up" my Auto-Hidden Taskbar until I minimized everything (under/after AP PR2).

    For some reason, the Taskbar setting for not having "View as Web Page" temporarily reverts to Set (after q323708?) until the next Auto-Reboot at which time it reverts back. Odd, but obviously not a problem.

    Which leads to IE6SP1 question/suggestion: would it be possible to alter Setup to install only essentials (undoubtedly so) and (as you had once planned) copy IE6SP1 Setup files to e.g. "C:\IE6SP1" folder instead of AP's folder making it "permanent" and bypassing it during AP Uninstall? Otherwise, those that utilize other language stuff (etc.) would have to search for a non-exixtent IE6 Install folder...

    Snip snip by NativeTexan

    Sidebar: also AVG/ZoneAlarm/Viewers(Word/Excel/PowerPoint/some kinda PDF)/Ad-Aware/Spybot... some of which are very valuable.

    Yep, u be right to not include too much if that seems best (ref. UBCD as a vehicle).

    And... 7-Zip is now at v4.47 (AAAARG!).


    I just knew I had seen something about the Win982ME change you had made (removal) and the new (inserted) EXPLOR98! That must have been the problem with the "Taskbar not accessible" thingy, 'cause it's ok now! Could you give some details about why this change (or point me to the post; I can't find it now)?

    If a Dummy KeyBoardJockey can put some input here. Soporific and crew or massive amount of assistances, what you are doing for those of us that are stuck in Win98SE Limbo is FANTASTIC, I for one would like to THANK YOU for each and everyone.


    I have used ZoneAlarm, Ad-Aware, Agnitum OutPost, Symantec Norton FireWall, AVG FREE, and because I am on Win98SE2ME, thanks to MDGx, my system only has 184MegRAM/w Clock@400Meg any of those slow my system too much. Have run IEextractor on my system so that is gone bye-bye, have reinstalled it like any other browser and it still will not work for me. I do like Mozilla FireFox v2.0.4 very much and will stay here in the future. As for 7-Zip there are some thingys it will not undo for me so I have kept BigSpeedZipper on her, cannot remember the exact name I usually rename different programs to mine own names so I know what is what. You mentioned about the TaskBar being hidden and not coming back for you, I have a little program that I use just for that and you can Hide it from the SysTray, as well as Program manager, it is called Watch Cat from a website called Last of the FREE Versions (lfv) and you can hide all icons on DeskTop, TaskBar, any running program and if it is your e-mail client it will still check your mail in automatic mode while hidden by WCat. Using FF I have PasswordMaker on here as well and I can Hide the PasswordMaker window, instead of closing it, and still use it for my password as needed. If you do not have nor know where to find any of this just ask and I will attempt to pass on the correct info or confuse you as much as myself in attempting to clear thingys up.

    One last point, if I may? I use the window from MDGx's Win98SE2ME closing down of windows for my desktop and then HIDE desktop icons and Task

    Bar so when someone comes into my junky computer room they think my system is shutting down.

    Thank you for reading my rambling post toasties,

  14. Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    Have not been here in several days, not your fault been busy with other details. Just wanted to comment on your new Version 2.3.0 and inform you that it looks GREAT and seems to be doing a better job, except for the UserControlPanel in a couple of areas. #1. There are no selection boxes for these two entries in my Control Panel.

    "Do you wish to put all sent PMs in your Sent folder by default?

    Do you wish to track all sent PMs by default?"

    #2. How do I set the thread feature for all of the posts to display instead of just listing each with a very short topic?

    Other than those two every thingy looks GREAT,

  15. Anyone have a method of preventing the AutoHide of the TaskBar when Mouse is moved to the bottom of the window? That gets to be a pain in the Keyster when you have items that are at the very bottom of the screen. I can use the Windows Keys between the Ctrl & Alt keys to have the taskbar popup. Is there a Tick in the Registry that can be changed or is this a IMPOSSIBLE Mission.

  16. I am having the same problems with my access to the Forums today. Some times the page will not even display just keeps showing activity without any mdm flashes and blank screen. Yes I am on a dialup using webaccelerator from my ISP and automatic proxy server settings in my browser. That has not been a problem like this before. The previous posts are from 7 April 07, are they still mucking with the board? If you like I will return to those that never loaded and try again so you will know which topics/threads that are not displaying.


  17. "MDGx,"

    I have enabled Live.com for most everythingy so far, as of just now, had them allowed for session before which usually works. Will make another attempt shortly, have had other issues that needed max attention for the last several weeks. That is now done, just need to find the time to do this type of testing again. Need to cut grass, spray insecticide on yard, give dogs bath, well you get the priorities. With all of the rain that has come through this year the grass is already over my dogs backs and it has only been a week.

    Enough of my problems, BreakTime is over get back to work,

    Thank you for taking the time to look into my problems,

  18. Hi not get any help from Google or toshiba/Iris I have toshiba PA1411U-1M1G USB flash drive but I cannot get it to work in Win98 first edition(I suppose the drivers I downloaded for the U2E usb flash are not the right for the pa14411 model nor are the generic win98 se drivers from maximus decim).

    Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    Did you do a search for the Manufacturer of your FlashDisc? I have a PNY 1 gig FlashDisc that is working on a Toshiba Satellite 2505CDS and on my PC100 SystemBoard, from 1998 vintage, without any difficulty. I am sure if you search for the Manufacturer of your FlashDisc there should be some success.

    Edited by NT > Note my system is Win98SE2ME with little, if any, difficulty.

    Good luck,

  19. Have been searching for an updated copy of NetAPI32.DLL that works on Win98SE2ME. All I have found so far are for Server2003, XP, and all that are newer than what I have.


    I have not been able to do the 'LiveSearch' on your site. All that appears is a blank screen with a small box in the Upper left corner with "Loading . . ." and in the StatusBar "DONE". Cannot type in anythingy and do have allowed the livesreach.com and MDGx.com.

    Have attempted to find that file on your site but all are of the wrong breed for my system.

    Any HELP!! would be greatly appreciated,

    P.S. My copy of NetAPI32.DLL is v4.10.1998

  20. Anyone that may have an idea or tell me, "forget it." I have downloaded a little program that requires the use of NtDll.Dll:ZwQueryInfromationProcess and I have that file in C:\%WINDIR%\System but the entry after the colon is not there. Is there an updated version that is compatable with Win98SE2ME?

  21. Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

    I have found some entries in my Registry File that seem to have no use. Under HK_L_M\Software\Microsoft there is a KEY that I am very curious about: J;7000000, is the Key Name with this as the KEY "{" (without the quotes) and the Data entry is 01 20 21 21.

    Can anyone tell me what that is for?

  22. Thank you for your efforts and reading my posts,

    no worries ... am still looking into your original issue ...

    new additions:

    13th Dec 2006:

    Added to main list: kb886677, kb928939, Servic9x


    If you ever get your 'plate' emptied send me a PM and I will assist you in finding some more thingys. Otherwise, forget my problem for now and do your work. I am still attempting to do all of the updates and only have about 20 done, you are updating this list faster than I can download and install. NOT a problem though, with my housekeeping duties along with running erends and the "HoneyDo's" this has taken a back seat for a short or maybe a long, not sure yet.

    When I get caught up maybe thingys will work better.

    Thank you to one and all that have sent posties on my problems, there are many and have no list at this time, besides this is getting too long.

    Thank you for reading my post,

  23. 12th Jan, 2007:

    Added to main list: kb929969 (replaces kb925486), Shell98, kb929120, W98MP10, kb925398, kb926247 (replaces q314147)

    Moved to obsolete list: kb925486, kb928939, kb928388, q314147

    Updated in main list: NUSB24 (replaces NUSB23e)

    New versions of files: ScanFrag, Copy2Gb, Shell98 (the list didn't need changing but the files are newer)


    You are doing the right thingy, by me anyways, as this list is what I needed to make a stab at moving ahead. You do not know how much you have HELPed me. Now to see if Microsoft will allow me to download these files, updates, hotfixes, whatever.

    Thank you for reading my posty-toastie,

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