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  1. Like Kels said: 5.0 is on the way!!! Be prepared for a total update to the program: new features, old crap removed, wizards are all updated, new installer, new themes.

    I have been busting my a** to get this release ready. Only a few more things to do and it will be ready for the first wave of beta testing.

    wouldnt mind having a look when the beta is available :thumbup

  2. This should make xp setup run like win 2k setup does as this pic shows


    Delete the files:


    winntbbu.dl_ One or both of the files should be present. Just delete whichever ones are there.

    Now, open up txtsetup.sif. Find all instances of winntbbu.dll, and delete the ENTIRE line that it's on.

    Do the same for the file dosnet.inf, and delete all instances winntbbu.dll you find in there as well.

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